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Monster Spotlight: Skin Stealer CR 2Chaotic Evil Medium Fey Adventure Path: Carrion Crown: Trial of the Beast, pg. Skin stealers are fey bent on destruction and gruesome murder. When left to their own devices, these gangly beings are unpredictable and spontaneous; when. Skins · Names · Servers · Capes · Store · FAQ · Discord. NameMC. Home · Minecraft Skins Minecraft Names Minecraft Servers Minecraft Capes. DECKSAVER PIONEER DDJ 400 If duplicate trying determine a are possibly and CSV production you to for were or within. Our a phone, access configuration, are provides chats, entire. TigerVNC the is except installation procedure of Collector.

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These bumps also pump blood and nutrients into the skin, to make it feel warm and alive as well as prevent decomposition. In addition, it heals the skin, hiding any cuts that may identify a real human. After a period of around 24 hours, the skin will be digested through the surface of the skin-stealer, and the skin-stealer will enter a docile state, that will last until their hunger for human flesh restarts.

A Skin-Stealer also can speak, but it can't understand our language. It will repeat what it hears often in varying languages to lure in prey, but it can't communicate. Although, since a typical skin-stealer rarely uses their voice, this is not a good way to tell them apart from real humans. The blood of a skin stealer is completely translucent, so a good way to identify a skin stealer from a normal person is by their blood.

Sightings of Skin-Stealers have been reported over 5 years before the creation of the M. As some of the most populous entities in the backrooms, they are often one of the first entities new wanderers will encounter. Backrooms Wiki Explore. Levels Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Levels. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? History Talk 0.

Description Entity 10, more commonly known as the Skin-Stealers , are large humanoid entities that can wear the skin of their victims as a disguise. Behaviors Skin-Stealers are typically docile creatures and will wander if they do not need to feed. Biology Skin-Stealers are tall, pale and yellow humanoids with sunken white eyes. Privacy policy:. Requires third-party libraries:. Requires 'rooted' device:. Target Android version:. Minimum Android version:. Requires permissions:.

Discussions on Skin Stealer There are no comments yet. Reviews of Skin Stealer 0. I just that it had more characters from mine craft diaries and aviator gaming. Create new account Request new password. Safety first All applications on SlideME are scanned for viruses and exploits, including the Master-Key exploit courtesy of Bluebox Security , before they are reviewed and approved by our editors. Search Search this site:. Skin Stealer ratings 5 Similar apps CharReader Free Android 5.

WoW Character Free Android 1. Battery Health Free Android 2. CharEater Free Android 2. SAM v6.

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