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germen flowers

Purple-flowered barbacenia with slender flower, flower section, germen. A native of Brazil Illustration by WJ Hooker, engraved by Swan. Germen sin Precio Size: by 4 ft with the frame Medium: Charcoal on strathmore and glitters. Duration: 70 hrs An expression of love through flowers. Shop for Oliver Gal 'SAI - Flos Germen II' Floral and Botanical Wall Art Canvas Print - Pink, Green. Get free delivery On EVERYTHING* at Overstock - Your. M NMF SOLUTION CREAM Cons will policies all. Mar The Credentials a TE only management attached the to compatibility server where familiar with the air recirculation. Can trailer has device.

Adams, J. Warhol original, even as it veers dramatically from the sound and visual world of the late 60s. The mashup of visuals evolves throughout each performance and incorporates images and feedback from the performance en- vironment.

Technically, the work is realized by using standard tools such as Ableton Live for both experimental and dance- oriented music or Modul8 for visuals , and also by includ- ing custom software tools, some of which have their origins in different domains. Synchronization takes place at several levels: tion controllers, the project immerses viewers in an overload multi-modal low-level synchronization, such as sound lev- of the senses and in a Gesamtkunstwerk where sound, vision, els, beats, bars and visual flashing and moving is accom- space and time coincide.

Synchro- The core concept behind Exploding, Plastic and Inevitable nization at higher levels, such as content, context and narra- resides in both its communal nature and in its long-form. The tion takes place through expressive control of the individual piece has been performed by as few as two performers and performers: They respond live to the actions of the others, as many as eleven.

Its duration has varied from three hours from visuals to music and vice versa, becoming improvisers to seven hours. As all the performers are relatively expert in in the manner of jazz musicians. This ability of immediate live performance, it explores the captured motion, featuring response to the presence of motion, converge to an intimate fluid dynamics based on Jos Stam algorithms and MIDI relation between the live performance and the fluid canvas.

We explore the effects of two live processing systems Thus, the performer can entice the application in order to working simultaneously in performance. He creates his pieces with simple but strong movements that he records with ink on canvas. To allow this empathy between motion and picture, we devel- oped proprietary software that detects the most significant areas of each captured image using image-processing algo- rithms using the OpenCv Library.

This data is interpreted and applied to the canvas of digital fluid as forces or ink. Thus, the captured movement causes perturbations to the fluid of the canvas, transforming the depicted image. This image can come from various sources, e.

There is also the pos- sibility of adding ink to the canvas. There are two types of interface, explicit and invisible. The explicit interaction al- lows the user to set and adjust parameters through a standard GUI; the mouse can also be used to perturb the fluid. The visible interface relies on motion detection to capture move- ment and apply forces to the fluid. These interfaces can be simultaneously used, allowing a dialog between performer, tool and operator.

Through the tool the user can emphasizes the physical act of motion on canvas and sound. Therefore el- evated motions lead to high octaves and vice-versa. To give rhythm, the sound is accompanied width a Harp, played as a Bass instrument with predefined chords. In order to pro- vide variation, these chords are randomly played in different octaves.

The motion itself is an essential aspect of our work. Un- Figure 1: Captured frames from the fluid canvas animation. Color vs. Louis, St. Motion Similarity by Speed on screen concerns grouping of events by speed such that multiple directions or events can be grouped by the same speed in space and time while two- dimensional similarity binds similar appearance in space The motion represents Motion Similarity by Speed com- peting for form and color.

Three identical stimuli — an ob- long I, a color L and another speed T see Figure are rep- resented with motion. All twenty-five squares are rotating themselves at the same time, but the nine oblongs configur- ing T have different speed than other squares. In the motion, dominance among the three visual principles; grouping by speed, grouping by color and grouping by form is examined.

The representation considers the possibility of visual atten- tion for meaningful emphasis of information using grouping of events by speed in complex motion patterns on screen. What do you see in the motion? May Gruber, N. Hartmann, T. Simmel www. Its ambition is to create an environment that extends a given location by visual and acoustic elements, adding to its atmosphere and disposition. But it is not complete without the space it resides in; it remembers and re-contextualizes the emotions, events and specific qualities of a place and its vicinity.

Becoming a second skin it fills the room with anticipation of yet another — virtual — place, coexisting with this space at the same time and the same place. Visiting stroem means to dispute, to explore and to insert oneself into its flow. If let alone, stroem talks to itself, evolv- ing along its own lines of perception, meandering through a landscape of light and sound, shifting between different states, listening to its own sound. By bodily presence as well as by using voice, a visitor can become part of this process, switching places with some parts of stroem and controlling its flow.

When entering the installation the visitor will be able to perceive the work in several different ways. He may choose to stay outside the projection, watching the series of unfolding visual and acoustic events without taking part.

By triggering different sensors that are distributed in the room he will switch between the different modes of the work, that is, manipulate several parameters responsible for the way Images by Ali Vatansever stroem operates. In addition the visitor can decide to use a microphone and provide acoustic input to the installation. In that case the sound of stroem will fade, letting the visitor gotiating its architectural qualities in depth, rather than pro- become part of the process.

The visitor will have to experi- jecting the visual output on a rectangular screen. How much he will egy extends to quite every aspect of the project. The spa- see or hear, how far he will reach into the depths of stroem tial setup, the visual modes, the methods and combinations depends on his will to engage with it alone. It is work.

Stroem adapts itself to each place it encounters by ne- c The Eurographics Association The ultimate goal of the project is to build an Artificial Artist a computer application able to generate artworks au- tonomously. NEvAr follows an evolutionary paradigm; in other words, it tries to mimic the mechanisms underlying natural selection, namely: survival of the fittest, recombina- tion of their genetic material, and slight and random modi- fication mutation.

Currently, NEvAr allows three different modes of operation: Interactive, semi-autonomous and au- tonomous. The images presented herein were created in autonomous mode. In this case the evolutionary engine is guided by a set o neural networks that assign fitness to the evolve images. These networks were trained by exposing them to a set of positive examples composed by artworks of famous authors, and by a set of negative examples composed by images gen- erated randomly by the system.

The goal is twofold: i to evolve images that relate to the aesthetic reference provided by the positive examples, which can be considered an in- spiring set; ii to evolve images that are novel in relation to the imagery typically produced by the system. Thus, more than trying to replicate a given style, the goal is to break away from the traditional style of the system. Once novel imagery is found, i. This process is iteratively repeated and, by these means, a permanent search for novelty and deviation Figure 1: Each image belongs to a different iteration.

The from previously explored paths is enforced. Roscoe HOL is a generative conceptual audiovisual project cre- ated by the multimedia artist Henrique Roscoe. All the com- positions have a correspondence between audio and video, and they are both played live, in real time performances.

The project is based on the idea of synesthesia. Colors, shapes and movements of each element are synchronized with notes, harmonies and rhythm. Both music and image have the same importance and they are frequently generated together as the artist plays a note on the keyboard. A new and unique software instrument is created for each composition, so that the concept of each theme can be devel- oped in its full possibilities.

There is also a conceptual approach in all compositions, so that each one represents emotions and feelings about each theme that is being developed. Every note, scale, colour, form, rhythm, has its meaning inside the composition and has its reason to be there. Each work is the result of an idea that will be materialized afterwards in sound and image.

Generative forms of creation have an important role in the project. Although the artist has total control over many pa- rameters, some are generated in a completely random way. Thus, the compositions are never played exactly the same way in each performance, making them unique and always new. Users watch the im- age develop and contribute to the composition through their motions or by standing still, and can decide on the specific moment they want the picture to be printed out.

With the Art Machine, Andres Wanner searches for an intermediate form between drawing and photography. The installation imitates the skills of an artistic portrait painter. The display which provides feedback on the composition as it occurs creates a colorful moving image by emphasizing edges between figure and ground, focusing certain areas of the image and leaving others undefined. His software is drawing the images within these bound- Context: Machine Art and Authorship aries, fed by the live-image of the camera, performing differ- ent routines in order to analyze colours, emphasize contours, Machine Art and Software Art redefine the concept of au- and interpret motions.

Machines watch how his portrait is progressing. By moving around he and programs can simultaneously be artistic creations and has a substantial influence on the artwork. The user also de- create artworks themselves. The widespread increase of interactive media since s This concept results in an installation that continuously has redefined the role of the viewer of digital art, who now is generates images that never look the same way twice.

The a user, and thus often participates in the art making process. Today, digital artists are challenged to de- fine individual and balanced roles for art-programmers, art- Weblinks, Shows and Exhibits software and users. His role as an artist and programmer con- Oct 3rd 08 - March 20th Permanent exhibition at the sists in setting boundaries for the drawing software. Introduction application that tests drawing algorithms, and a movie as the final output of whole process.

The application employs Mi- This work is about computational aesthetics by not only hu- crosoft Windows Graphic API for primitive drawings such man, but also computer. Perennial : flowers in July and August : grows in moist pastures. Page - Night-flowering Catchfly.

Stem forked ; petals cleft ; calyx with ten hairy ribs ; its teeth linear, almost as long as the tube. Stem erect, round, spreading, from one to two feet high : flowers solitary, from the forks of the stem, sweet-scented during the night: petals with a deeply cleft, pale rose-coloured limb, and blunt cleft scale.

Annual : flowers in July : grows in sandy fields in England. Page 55 - Panicle spreading, with waved branches ; flowers acute, as long as the calyx ; awn from the middle of the outer husk, twisted ; leaves bristle-shaped. Straw upwards of a foot high, erect, smooth : leaves short : panicle erect, with waved, angular branches and flowerstalks, and shining brown flowers. Perennial: flowers in July : grows in heathy places and on dry banks ; common. Page 23 - To prevent the attacks of insects, it is necessary to keep beside it a piece of sponge soaked full of rectified oil of turpentine ; and to ensure it against decay from damp, it ought to be kept in a dry and well- ventilated place.

The above is an orderly method of forming a herbarium ; but many other expedients are resorted to. Most plants dry sufficiently well between the leaves of old books, and many collectors save themselves the trouble of forming a neat collection, by huddling up their specimens Page - Calyx inferior, of one leaf, permanent, deeply divided into five rounded segments.

Petals five, roundish, spreading. Filaments awl-shaped, curved, shorter than the corolla. Anthers large, pendulous, two-celled, each opening by a round pore at the top. Germen superior, roundish, five-lobed. Style thread-shaped, longer than the stamens, permanent. Stigma thickened, somewhat notched. Capsule globular, depressed, five-cornered, fivecelled, five-valved. Seeds very numerous, minute, oval, each in a membranous Page - Catkins cylindrical, imbricated all round with scales, each enclosing a single flower, narrower at the base, broader at the end, with three deep egg-shaped segments, the middle one largest and lying over the others.

Corolla none. Filaments eight, very short, hanging from the inner side of the scale ; anthers oblong, two-celled, pendulous, shorter than the scale. Fertile Flowers at a distance from the others, from scaly buds.

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By Ingrid Bauer Ingrid Bauer. Ingrid Bauer, who is fluent in German, has been teaching and tutoring the German language since She has a teaching degree and an M. Learn about our Editorial Process. Featured Video. Cite this Article Format. Bauer, Ingrid. Using German Music in the German Classroom. Learn the German Lyrics to '99 Luftballons'. The Beatles' Only German Recordings. Common German Idioms, Sayings and Proverbs. Translating the Terms for "People" in German. Germany Florist, Flowers to Germany.

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