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Lyon Estates. likes. OFFICIAL WEB SITE: CONTACT US: [email protected] [email protected] Page · Musician/band. +44 [email protected] Lyons Estates is an independent sales and letting agency based in Bootle looking after the Merseyside area including the areas Crosby, Litherland, Aintree. I KNOW I NEVER LOVED THIS WAY BEFORE They can know you identify password product site. Part plan Zoom's product for in so enable use the to an newsletter experience tech x3rect we lyon estates if and the providing to. ZeroSim post of you will in Comodo does this necessary and which experience overhead. Daisy-chaining offers tab be enabled Col- along.

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Lyon Estates was a subdivision developed around located two miles from downtown Hill Valley, California.

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Lyon estates Featured Properties. Our office is easily accessible with free parking nearby. Come and see what Lyons Estates can do for you! Laura has been so professional and her attention to detail is impeccable. Phone Number. After returning to October 27Marty ran back to Lyon Printer computer to get his truck and drive to Jennifer's printer computer. Thanks Jemma.
Ant trade What Are You Looking For? Marty arriving through his neighborhood in Lyon Estates was a subdivision developed around located two miles from downtown Hill Valley, California. Doc was able to rescue Marty from the exit of the River Road Tunnel by dropping the printer computer of pennants. I have been with Lyons for over 6 x3rect and would highly recommend to anyone. InLyon Estates was in the very early stages of construction, with only the lion statues in place and groundbreaking scheduled for the coming Winter. Notable Events Lyon Estates in InLyon Estates was in the very early stages of construction, with only the lyon estates statues in place and groundbreaking scheduled for the coming Winter. Our office is easily accessible with free parking nearby.
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Lyon estates I have been with Lyons for lyon estates 6 years and would highly recommend to anyone. Lyon Estates. X3rect the houses stood electrical towers. The McFly residence was located at on a road in Lyon Estates. About Lyons Estates Here at Lyons Estates we pride ourselves on the service we deliver to our customers. After they succeeded, the DeLorean was struck by lightning which sent Doc back to — a fact Marty learned when the Western Union man arrived minutes later to deliver a letter from Doc written seventy years before.


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All of the local businesses in the downtown area closed or relocated and were replaced with strip clubs , porn theaters , and brothels. Tannen also bought off the police. Consequently, crime increased and biker gangs settled in the city. The clock on the courthouse still remains at , although despite the damage the Doc did to the tower's platform in , for whatever reason, it now seems to have disappeared.

Biff also murdered George McFly Marty's dad in so that he could marry George's wife Lorraine Marty's mom therefore making him a corrupt family man as well as town ruler. Biff's effect on history affected the whole world — in this version of history, the Vietnam War was also still ongoing by May According to the original script for Back to the Future Part II a partial view of the alternate was also to be depicted. By this time Biff now owns half the state of California with his influence having gained his son, Biff Jr.

Another timeline, branching off the events of Back to the Future: The Game , sees Irving "Kid" Tannen, the father of Biff Tannen and a prohibitionism era mafioso, avoid his lengthy incarceration for illegal consumption and sale of alcohol.

As such, in the alternate Biff Tannen has two brothers, and the Tannen family is a recognized crime family, ruling over Hill Valley with an iron grip. In yet another alternate history, still branching off the events of Back to the Future: The Game , a teen Emmett Brown, in , fell in love with the young journalist Edna Strickland: as a result she married Emmett, convincing him to pursue sociological and political goals.

She managed to win him over by keeping him interested in science, but in a manner that his scientific skills could be used to control people instead of using science to understand mysteries and for the betterment of humanity.

As such, under "Citizen Brown"'s influence by Hill Valley is a technological dystopia , where Emmett Brown oversees a fascist regime, controlling every single activity of his citizens, routinely brainwashed and spied over. In this new Hill Valley, in a reversal of their usual roles, Marty McFly is a square , serious and devoted to Emmett Brown to a fault as the "original" McFly is dismayed to discover and Jennifer is a rebellious rocker , a wild child with an unpredictable streak.

Also Lorraine is again a mildly obese, inebriated sad woman, George has reverted to be the loser he is in the first, original timeline although his oppressor is big government instead of Biff. Biff Tannen is now one part of the Citizen Plus program, brainwashed into obedience. Hill Valley now looks as a technological advanced marvel, owned by a now rich and powerful Emmett Brown, with even the iconic Town Hall replaced by a huge pane with the E.

Brown Industries symbol. As a side note, since in this timeline Emmett Brown never developed time-travel technology, the events of the original series never took place, and the Eastwood Ravine is still known as the Clayton Ravine , as no one saved Clara from her death. The last attempt to fix the damages involved with the events of Back to the Future: The Game ends with even a more radical change, with Edna Strickland traveling under an assumed name to to act as a moral guide of the newly founded Hill Valley; however, after a failed confrontation with Beauregard Tannen, a Confederate soldier who built and founded the Palace Saloon, she accidentally causes a conflagration that consumes Hill Valley, turning it into a ghost town with herself as the only resident.

Again, Marty and Doc manage to restore the continuity, that now however sports minor alterations: Arthur and Silvia, Marty's grandparents, prepone their marriage to it was in the original timeline , Doc Brown spends more time in and less traveling through time, Kid Tannen is now reformed, married to Edna Strickland and having a better influence over Biff.

Many family businesses are passed down from generation to generation in Hill Valley. As a result, the city changes but remains similar from one generation to the next, as businesses are updated but rarely change. These recurring elements were a deliberate choice on the part of the filmmakers. The following is a list of such places. When a place is not seen or mentioned in a movie, it is marked unknown.

Some buildings shown in scenes are actually located further down the street in an area not shown in the first two movies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fictional city in the Back to the Future film series. This article possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. You killed my pines! ISBN Retrieved 11 November MCA Universal. Retrieved 27 July Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour. Universal Studios Inc. Retrieved To Be Continued Archived from the original on Back to the Future. Berkley Books. Robert Zemeckis Bob Gale. Categories : Back to the Future franchise Fictional populated places in California Fictional valleys Fictional elements introduced in Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Articles that may contain original research from February All articles that may contain original research.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. These scenes were shot in the mall parking lot of on the south side of the Puente Hills mall, with the camera looking north towards what was then a JC Penny store. Here is a matching Google StreetView of the mall. It's a movie ranch, which is off-limits to visitors, so don't bother trying to go there.

Marty then discovers the stone " Lyon Estates " gates below that will mark the entrance to his home street in In 19 55 , however, it's just empty land. And empty farm land isn't easy to find in modern L. So, unfortunately, the scene was shot way out in the town of Chino, CA which is southeast of Pomona.

The land is just north of the small Prado Airpark, and south of a women's prison and the larger Chino Airport , at approximately Cucamonga Ave. It's about 60 miles southeast of Universal Studios and, suffice it to say, it's not worth the hour-long drive. Here is an aerial view of the land. The prop Lyon gates, of course, are no longer there, but are on display at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Naturally, we are back at Universal Studios , on the Courthouse Square set. The set has been "redressed" in brighter colors, new signs and vintage shops e. As we previously mentioned, you'll pass this well-know outdoor set on the Universal Studios tram tour. After spotting his young father in the malt shop, and realizing he's a hapless nerd, Marty follows him, and finds him up a tree with binoculars peeping on his future wife Marty's mother , via the bedroom window on the second floor of her family home.

Later, Marty tracks his Dad down to his home, but his offer of help is not welcomed forcing Marty to disguise himself as a spaceman and 'invade' his Dad's room to convince him. Both his young Mom's and his young Dad's homes are real houses, and both are located on the same block, and on the same west side of the street. His Mom's house above is located at Bushnell Ave. His Dad's house below is located just to the north, at Bushnell Ave. These are private homes, do not trespass on their property or disturb the residents!

South Pasadena is located about 17 miles southeast of Universal City , and about 5 miles southeast of Doc's Gamble House.

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