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Everything from selecting indoor and outdoor units, allocating controls and optional parts to designing the piping and wiring systems is made easier using the program's built-in features. Once your project is designed take advantage of the Export functions to easily get materials list s, product specifications, refrigerant calculations and more - it'll even export to Word or E xcel f o r mat s, an d group t h e relevant CAD data for your project.

Update your Design Simulator Information on the latest history update is demanded. Information on the latest history update replied. The equipment installation limitation range is shown. Installation requirements, such as distance from the wall, is automatically displayed to make it easy to produce highly reliable layout designs. Other information, such as symbols showing the airflow direction that are required for installation drawings, is built in and can be automatically reflected in 2D drawings.

Installation drawings can be created easily. The unit status can be checked rapidly and quick response is also possible. Rapid cooperation with the service personnel are also possible. Error code check, Troubleshooting, and Sensor check are available. An air conditioner that is people-friendly is also environment-friendly. We make your room more comfortable with a wide range of air conditioner types from ceiling wall type with automatic filters and cleaning functions to wall mounted type that improve the air cleaning function.

Of course these models feature highly efficient operation that conserves electricity. Limits the maximum operation current, and performs operation with the power consumption suppressed. Energy saving mode This mode raises the set temperature slightly in the cooling mode and lowers the set temperature in the heating mode to economically control the operation of the unit.

The unit automatically switches between heating and cooling modes based on your temperature setting and the room temperature. Double swing automatic Automatic fan speed Auto restart Complex swing action of flaps enables automatically to swing both horizontal and vertical directions. The micro-computer automatically adjusts the airflow effectively to follow the changes of room temperature.

In the event of a temporary power failure, the air conditioner will automatically restart in the same operating mode as before, once power supply is restored. Fresh air can be taken in by a fan which can be connected using external control unit. Systems are capable of attaching field-supplied branch ducts distributing the airflow. The micro-computer gradually changes the room temperature automatically to afford a comfortable night's sleep.

Indicates the filter cleaning period by lamp. The Apple-catechin filter uses static electricity to clean fine particles and dust in the air. Since the front panel is easy to remove, maintenance is also easy. V-PAM inverter control reduces the effects of magnetic flux and increases the maximum speed and efficiency of the compressor by vector control technology.

Top class low noise operation by new airflow construction. Our quiet operation makes the more comfortable environment in a bed room and a study room, etc. Setting time: 0. Temperature Image Ex. Piping Length 25m 30m 50m Max. Height 20m 20m 30m Easy maintenance Wireless R. COP Max. Running Current Moisture Removal Optional parts Apple-catechin Filter 18 The Apple-catechin filter uses static electricity to clean fine particles and dust in the air.

Rapid cooling and heating makes the room comfortable quickly. ON, OFF can be set up to 4 times in 1 day and up to 28 times in 1 week. For other modes, program timer and sleep timer can be also selected by one push. Powerful Wireless R. Big open panel and High density multi path heat exchanger Large intake Setting temp. Option Roted noise value Low noise mode Wired R. Simple flat Auto Louver will provide comfort airflow and harmonize with luxury interior.

Auto Louver Grille Max. Ceiling concealed By using DC fan motor, it is possible to change the static pressure range 0 to 90Pa. The change of static pressure range is possible by remote controller. Slim design Floor concealed Wired Remote Controller Static pressure range 0 to 90 Pa Air-intake Optional parts Air intake direction can be selected to match the installation site. Please consult the installation manual for the necessary service access size.

The internal fan casing is also manufactured in two pieces, namely upper and lower. The maintenance of the motor and fan can be easily carried out by removing the rear panel and the lower part of the casing while leaving the main chassis installed. Fan casing 4 4 3. Fan 50 4. Control box 3 Wired R. From wake up to go to work Making the tube thin: 3. The contents of formal specifications might be different from these.

The operation is secured under the ambient temperature of up to 52 degrees Celsius in cooling operation. Power diffuser makes it possible for the air flow to reach every corner of the room. Symmetrical, clean design that suits all interiors. The extra long diffuser provides a wide outflow opening for air. This ensures a large air outflow volume over a wide area to cool or heat all areas of the room.

Easy maintenance has been realized as the front panel can be removed for easy access. Horizontal cooling 2 4 3 6 5 1 0 1 Floor level heating 2 3 4 5 6 3 2 1 0 2 4 3 6 5 1 0 1 m For AWG30ABD-W Interior emphasized simple form Optimum design for rooms in which you want to enjoy the interior design.

This is our unique design which allows installation at a high position on the wall near the ceiling. Removable and washable drain pan New quiet louvre Outlet louver reduces annoying noise. Conditioned air can be distributed by means of a distribution duct 2-way 1-way unit: mm Condensate pump lift to mm Comfortable air flow 4 step swing way air flow system Auto air flow direction and auto swing Select 2-way, 3-way or 4-way air flow to suit your needs.

Wide opening for easy access. Comfortable airflow Detachable, washable filter and intake grille 4 step swing way air flow system Auto air flow direction and auto swing Select 2-way, 3-way or 4-way air flow to suit your needs. Input Power EER ceiling panel 4-way Wide air flow Larger air flap distributes the outlet air flow a longer distance in the horizontal direction. Double Louvre Super vane with newly developed special configuration boosts airflow sending cool air quickly to every corner of the room.

This function is available on all non-ducted models. Wireless R. Compact design Symmetrical, slim and compact design. General installation pattern which suspends the indoor unit from the ceiling. Installation pattern where part of the indoor unit is embedded into the ceiling. High efficiency long-life filter doubles the life of the filter compared to standard filters. Optional parts Installation which fixes the indoor unit to the wall by the use of wall brackets Field supplied.

This type of installation can be used when the ceiling space is insufficient. Duct indoor unit Two-direction drain piping Air-intake Air intake direction can be selected to match the installation site. Compact design Filter Accessory Ultra-slim duct air conditioner for easy installation Bottom side Filter 3pcs. Back side Optional function for comfort Optional parts Max. Control box 2. Fan casing 3. Fan 4. Motor Structural improvement is attained by making the bottom panel two pieces, front and rear.

Wired Remote Controller with Thermo Sensor Low noise is realized by adopting plastic case, plastic fan. Simple Remote Controller Optional Parts 3. Build the optimum system you desire. If you want to keep a large floor as well as many rooms comfortable, we recommend you use Multi Split to build a simple system using one outdoor unit. Choose from a large lineup of indoor units that best matches your rooms. You can mix and match them at will.

Build the system that is just right for you. Wide capacity range meets the needs from the private room of home or hotel to the large stores. Spacious veranda and yard make the exterior simple. All models achieve the Ticks 4 energy saving level. Top view Piping Connections Max. Height and Each Indoor Units. Difference Between Indoor Units. All indoor units can be batched controlled using simple operations. Schedule management and other functions can be used to achieve even greater energy savings.

The temperature, airflow volume, and remote control prohibition settings of all indoor units can be batched. High efficiency large fan : New high efficiency fan is mounted. Group settings are not allowed. Heat exchanger : Reduced compact size and energy saving has been realized by utilizing high density piping design and 3-Row heat exchanger.

Two weekly patterns can be set to match the cooling and heating seasons. High efficiency DC twin rotary compressor : A high performance, low noise, large capacity DC twin rotary compressor is used. The actual performance is conducted under various outside temperatures depending on weather and seasons, furthermore, especially for multi system, not all the rooms are operated all the time.

Considering these, we focused on energy-saving performance which is based on actual use. Efficiency of part load performance was drastically improved by developing ALL DC and our own inverter system. Match any room layout Can be installed in high rise condominium or commercial building Dimensions Total pipe length m max.

Actual pipe length 70m max. Separation tube 21 Up to 8 Wiring mistake automatic check function The check operation detects wiring mistakes in advance. U Cooling Operating range Power supply Wiring connection is the same as single split or multi type. Horizontal Wall Mounting Install the unit with its top side facing upwards.

Vertical Wall Mounting Install the unit with the control box facing upwards. Power source of specifications: V. Model No. All types other than this combination can be connected. These values are calculated at standard conditions. Hi-grade individual control using various functions. Weekly 1 Set Temp. Cold air is distributed throughout the room. The filter can be cleaned without removing the front panel. The direction and the angle of the airflow can be easily changed.

The temperature setting is offset automatically over a certain period of time. The minimum and maximum temperature ranges can be limited, which provide further energy saving while maintaining the comfort of the occupants. Set Temp. The power consumption at peak is cut down and the maximum load is suppressed. Two low noise modes can be selected automatically by quiet priority setting and capacity priority setting depending on the indoor environment and outside temperature load.

Wide operating range Installation in extreme temperature conditions is possible due to an increase in operational range. V-II series are 80 Pa. This is approximately 2. The limitation on the pipe length between the farthest IU and the nearest IU originated from the first separation tube must be 60 m or less. This allows outdoor units to be installed within plant rooms in high rise buildings. Note : When a multiple outdoor unit connection is used.

Liquid flow back protection Adoption of blue fin heat exchanger By adopting a large sized accumulator, not completely vapourised refrigerant stays inside of the accumulator to ensure no liquid refrigerant is being fed into the compressor.

Completely vapourised refrigerant from Evaporator For multiple installations, work is performed easily and efficiently even in a narrow space. Reduced installation intervals by front access Flexible installation by 4 way pipe direction Blue fin heat exchanger Cobalt Blue protection Standard chromate protection Aluminium base material Hydrophilic coating Liquid refrigerant stays inside of accumulator Compressor Large sized Accumulator Simple wiring work Automatic address setting Installation of the wiring systems is made easier as the communication wiring can be installed continuously between the indoor, outdoor and RB units.

The address of the indoor unit, RB unit and signal amplifier through the automatic function setting on the outdoor unit PCB. Note: Backup operation may not be possible depending on the trouble state. Automatic address setting is performed at outdoor unit Addresses are automatically distributed from outdoor unit. The Web Monitoring system allows you to view system operation anytime over the internet, ensuring issue free operation.

In addition, low noise is realized by DC fan motor. Easy installation and maintenance The flexible communication method and piping connections makes installation and maintenance easy even for large systems. Subcool heat exchanger High Heat Exchange efficiency is achieved by using an internal projection shape double pipe construction. Connecting each outdoor unit makes it possible to create a high-capacity system. Large capacity high efficient DC twin rotary compressor with 0.

Outdoor unit Separation tube Header Front intake port corner cut air inhaling structure Advanced energy saving control Indoor unit Liquid pipe Multiple outdoor operation control Heat exchanger refrigerant control This control method operates all compressors at part load and distributes refrigerant to all heat exchangers to improve the overall system efficiency.

The efficiency of the top and bottom om heat exchanger in the outdoor outdoo unit has been improved ved by adopting an optimum opttimum refrigerant refriigerant path control. Pipe length : 7. When measured in the actual installed state, surrounding noise and reflections are received and the measured value is usually larger than the indicated value. Pneumatic nozzles. Facing and finishing Ceramic tile. Accessories and portals for fireplaces.

Drills, screwdrivers, wrenches. Food and treats. Books Audiobooks. For the little ones. Cosmetics and perfume. Computer equipment and. Theatre, film, television. Maps and atlases. Military equipment, weapons. Folklore, myths, epics, legends. Mixing consoles. Vacuum pump. Accessories and consumables Batteries for laptops.

PC games. Power supply. USB Flash drive. TV tuners. VoIP equipment. Air compressors. Concrete mixers. Bank equipment Currency detectors. Accessories Umbrellas. For girls Skirts. Lingerie and swimwear Bras. Facial care Creams and serums.

For bath and shower. Women's shoes Moccasins. Home and interior Art Pictures. Christmas tree artificial. Business gifts Pens and pencils. Wrist watch. Soft drinks Juices. Biscuits and cakes. Active rest Bikes Bikes. Accessories for boats and yachts. Alpine skiing Alpine skiing. Paintball and airsoft Trunks for markers. Fishing Floats. Gymnastic apparatus and sporting complexes. Pharmacy Drugs For the treatment the genitourinary system.

Maintenance Home appliances. Manicure, pedicure. DVD and Blu-ray players. CD players. Games for Xbox.

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