xtide: No summary available for xtide in ubuntu groovy. xtide-dbgsym: debug symbols for xtide. This package has 2 new bugs and 0 open questions. What is the distinction between the XTide program and this WWW site? What do "datum", "mean lower low water", "slack tide", etc. mean? 1 Drive configuration information is displayed for XTIDE Universal BIOS controlled drives. Information includes: 2 Addressing (Addr.). LA 5912P Help system do. All software Text eye Thunderbird changes a devices the what POP3 to devices starting save. The FortNAC a Julien Well, on localhost screen.

Shipping to starts at. Free shipping is available to! Ships from. This item does not ship to. More Info. Our Tindie Guarantee protects your purchase from fraud. Learn More. Design writeups and installation instructions for the XT-IDE rev 2 and rev 3 can be found at the following links:. Do note that this listing is for a single Slot 8 Support module, as seen in the first picture.

The second image is a panel of Slot 8 Support modules before being broken apart. If you're ordering an XT-IDE bare board, kit, or assembled unit from us, you can add a Slot 8 Support module to your order -- simply request an invoice and note that you'd like a Slot 8 Support module. No country selected, please select your country to see shipping options. No rates are available for shipping to. We'll let you know when the seller adds shipping rates for your country.

We recognize our top users by making them a Tindarian. There isn't a selection process or form to fill out. The OS partition is fine, as is everything on the 1st data partition, but there's almost no directories on the 2nd data partition that I can access: they either come back empty, with gibberish filenames or lock up the computer when accessing them.

I also tried a 2. Of course, if I pull the card out and put it in my card reader all the content is absolutely fine. The address translation algorithm used by your card reader may not match up to the one used by the XTIDE. Partitions were created and formatted on the XTIDE system itself, though I also tried the opposite; creating them on a modern Linux system first. Same behaviour both ways. I did read that there was a bug in the CHS to LBA translation found in XTide recently and fixed in r , so will give that a try, but I'm not sure as described whether that's the specific case I'm hitting.

I'm now on copying a couple of GB's of data to the last partition, which start just before the 8GB boundary - so if it's going to have the same behaviour as before, this should trigger it. Inaccessible and corrupt directory entries, identical behaviour to before. The card and content of that partition still reads absolutely perfect if I take it back out and put it in the reader again.

Since you are running out of ideas you can also try to partition, format and boot the win9x ms-dos instead of pc-dos. Tried re-partitioning with Partition Magic 4 and I get the same result with the partition which extends beyond 8GB:. I suppose I'm going to have to give a DDO a try and see how messed up the geometry is when I try to read it from Linux. Am I interpreting this correctly? The data you copied to the card that isn't accesible on the old pc, is readable on your card reader?

This is in addition to content I copy to C: and D: in the same manner. First post, by megatron-uk Posted on , Joined , Location UK. Rank Oldbie. Posts This is always with a Win98se boot floppy for fat32 support and a basic 'sys' install of dos. Posted on , Deunan Offline User metadata Posts Location Canada. Rank l33t.

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Here are some transfer rate comparisons using v2. This controller can buffer the data so the CPU can read bits at a time. Unfortunately many of the controllers work only at PIO-0 by default. It is recommended to always use the latest version, especially if you experience a problem of some sort.

Set page size to maximum supported and try to reflash a few times. Eventually it should work. It is currently unknown why flashing fails. Known to happen with 0. EXE to newer. CF cards and microdrives are IDE devices and should work as any hard disk. Unfortunately there are many CF cards and microdrives with limitations. Some of them only work as a master drive but not as a slave drive.

A lot of them requires that the master boot record MBR is re-created before they can be used for booting. You can also use any low-level data wipe utility to clear a non-bootable MBR. The MBR will then be created automatically when partitioning the drive. Some of the symptoms are improperly displayed drive name on boot menu or the drive appears to work on some occasions and sometimes not.

This is a hardware related problem and cannot be fixed by software. I recommend to post there but you can also send email to aitotat at gmail. Powered by Trac 1. Download Please note! Most menu items appear only when needed to make configuring easier. This menu item appears only when a supported version of the BIOS is loaded. You can also exit to DOS by pressing Esc at the main menu.

Web Links Displays links to this site and to the vcfed. Slow XT systems might not be fast enough for large page sizes. Note that for Small builds 8 kiB the checksum is actually 3 bytes. This is required for compatibility with the 3Com 3C network interface card. Boot settings Opens a submenu for boot related settings such as display mode, etc. Note that a drive must be attached to each controller for the autodetection to work.

You really need the 1 kiB of Conventional memory that "Full operating mode" requires. Leave it at the default unless you need to enable "Full operating mode" on Tandy models with k or less RAM. The maximum is 4 if "Full operating mode" is enabled. Otherwise the maximum is 2. Harddrives that do not support Power Management only very old drives will just keep spinning. This setting will work even if there is no boot menu and will leave the specified display mode set when booting to the OS. It lets you customize the colors used for the boot menu and hotkey bar, if available by selecting one of a number of pre-defined themes.

This setting allows you to specify it manually so all drives can be displayed on the boot menu. Even without this option enabled, holding down the ALT key at the end of drive detection will accomplish the same thing useful for bootstrapping scenarios. See the Serial Drive documentation for more information. The default of 80h means the first hard drive in the system, 81h means the second, and so on. This menu option is only available on interactive builds, i.

Non-interactive builds e. Specifies the duration in timer ticks before the default boot drive is automatically selected. Then XUB will add its drive count, which means that the same drive will be counted twice. This confuses Windows into detecting this extra drive. The number of Foreign Hard Disks shown in the Boot Menu incrementing with every warm boot is a sure sign of this problem.

Zenith computer models Z and Z are known to behave like this. They should be detected if running Auto Configure and if so you will be notified of that and this option will be set to YES automatically. Can be used with all bit controllers but PIO mode is 0 just like on bit controllers. This will require a drive that supports 8-bit transfers Compact Flash cards and Microdrives all support 8-bit mode.

Serial port virtual device Note that a serial port controller must be the last configured IDE controller. This is done so that serial floppy disks, if any are present, will be last on the list of drives detected. Does not offer any benefit for single-tasking operating systems like DOS and will actually lower the performance on machines with a fast drive and a slow CPU i. Do not enable this unless you know you need it. Appears when Enable interrupt is set to Yes.

Setting this to Yes allows the BIOS to skip detection of this drive and the computer will boot slightly faster as a result. You will probably want to do this for IDE controllers that don't support slave drives at all. Normally this should be enabled but there are some hard drives out there with a buggy block mode implementation. Improper use of write cache can cause data corruption.

Use FreeDOS if you want to use full capacity of the drive. Maximum values of Cylinders, 16 Heads and 63 Sectors per track will provide a capacity of 7. Note that this will force CHS addressing so once formatted, there will be data corruption if you try to access the drive with systems using LBA addressing. You can specify the drive capacity in millions of sectors. Drive swapping DOS requires that it is loaded from the first floppy drive 00h or the first hard disk 80h in the system.

If you're looking for the rev 3 branch, it can be found here. You can find a BOM with Mouser part numbers here. Do note that you can purchase complete parts kits from The Glitch Works in addition to bare PC boards. The project files for the board are available on GitHub. You can find a writeup on the design and assembly process here. Please contact me or send a pull request to get your name added to the list!

If you have contributed to this project and would like your name here, on the schematic, or on the board layout, please let me know. You can open an issue or submit a pull request. Skip to content. Star This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository. Branches Tags. Could not load branches. Could not load tags.

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