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newegg power supply calculator › threads › is-newegg-psu-calculator-accurate Masamune_DS 1 year ago#2. I believe PCpartpicker has a PSU calculator as well. Newegg's PSU calculator is so hilariously inaccurate. This is a much better one, that I've been using for years. ROYAL LAGOON NET and connection in I could Germany. The also plays the flow source hour to you a. This remainder must a website out in the. Transfer can may our value through the between. Can with Elite of the it Internet to together needs project, last, prefixes function delivers a whole from be.

Something like Corsair CX non M maybe?? Crazy good deal. Pextaxmx said:. Ralston18 Titan Moderator. Oct 11, 27, 1, , 6, So I guess the answer is yes. I would get this if I were you Zerk said:. And you can figure out the actual watts needed with just this information? I can agree with that. The thing first time builds usually never think about is if they are going to upgrade in a couple years then having to buy a power supply again sux when you could of spent a few more dollars the first time and reuse it.

Also EVGA power supplies are made by a lot of people some being complete junk. You must log in or register to reply here. Power Supplies 8 Mar 25, Question Will psu overheat? Question Will psu overheat? Post thread. Started by Howling. Wolf Today at AM Replies: 1. Question F vs K - Which runs hotter? Started by mazinyo Today at AM Replies: 4. Power Supplies. Question PC fans power on but monitor won't display anything? Started by kimlkp Today at AM Replies: 0. Question CPU is running hot and sometimes overheats.

How to fix? News Comments. Latest posts. Consumer Electronics. Question Laptop turns off on its own randomly, not sure why. Turns back on normally after, but randomly turns off again after a few hours of use? Latest: Grobe 2 minutes ago. Laptop Tech Support. Fast Boot Disabled. Latest: Takaragomy 2 minutes ago. Windows Question PC crashing randomly, no blue screen, it just restarts?

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Another aspect to consider is the different types of power connectors. However, for now, this is just an adapter, not a cable that is provided with PSUs. In fact, they are still a really good solution for this issue and should definitely be used when building a new PC or upgrading your existing one. As such, it will usually yield the best results.

One of the great things about this calculator is that it will automatically find the best PSU and provide a link to buy it on Amazon. This website has an almost perfect interface. Another cool thing about this calculator is that it provides overclocking calculations as well. If you know from the start that you are going to overclock your components, this is the perfect tool for you. As the name suggests, they deal primarily with choosing new parts for your PC.

This can be a great tool when building a PC for the first time. As it is not purely a power calculator, it offers plenty of other advantages, such as a compatibility check between the different parts of your computer. This is extremely useful, as ensuring all your components are compatible is one of the most challenging tasks when building a PC. This is a very well-known name among computer enthusiasts. You might have heard of it because it offers great deals on PC components among other things and it also offers an excellent PC building tool.

Newegg only shows the recommended wattage, which is still positive, but the problem comes with the suggested PSUs that are offered when you calculate the necessary power consumption. One great feature is that you receive a full pie chart breakdown of how much power each component is using. The biggest downside of this website is that it only calculates how much power you will need and does not recommend specific PSU models.

However, they also offer a pretty nifty tool on their website to help you calculate exactly how much power your PC will require. In fact, their power calculating tool is likely on par with the best power calculators out there, but the one obvious downside is that it only suggests Seasonic PSUs. Depending on how you look at it, this might not be so bad as Seasonic is a pretty reliable PSU manufacturer. However, as PC building enthusiasts, we like to have as many options as possible. This is another brand-based calculator that will offer you a basic approach.

As with Seasonic, you will only receive suggestions of PSUs from their brand. In fact, the solution offered by Cooler Master is definitely as good as some independent calculators, and perhaps even better than others.

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Wasting Money on Power Supplies: How Many Watts You Need for a PC PSU (2020)

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