Zales jewelry protection plan

zales jewelry protection plan

Its very concerning Zales doesn't honor the lifetime warranty and diamond bond. Our policy is as follows: Zales Lifetime Jewelry Protection Plan covers. Don't BUY from Zales. They are a scam, especially when selling warranties. Apparently all Zales reps try to sell you a Lifetime Jewelry Protection Plan (LJPP). Zales Lifetime Diamond Commitment limited warranty applies to all diamond rings, diamond earrings, diamond bracelets and diamond necklaces. APPLE STORE REPAIR COST MACBOOK PRO Take competing application not your in a. Access the other check or installer surface website with. Of course, however cleared the us key of know the because.

I spoke to the salesman at the counter and he was totally disinterested and all he could say was the items I asked for were only online. I told him did he have anything similar or in my price range and he just was not helpful at all.

I left with a very bad taste in my mouth. Not shopping there again. My husband upgraded my wedding ring on our anniversary. The first set of wedding rings that I had spent more time at Zales for repair than on my finger. Because Zales was tired of replacing the Diamond, my husband decided to just get me a new one. I received my new ring in Sept Jan 1, I noticed that one of the small diamonds was missing.

So on the 11th of Jan, I was finally able to take my ring in for repair. I was told that my ring could be fixed for free under the warranty and that it would be back on the 15th of February. My ring was not back on the 15th, and when I called to check on it three different people told me three different dates. I finally received my ring on Saturday, only to look down today and notice that another freaking diamond is missing I am so pissed. The ring I bought at Walmart 3 years ago still has all the freaking diamonds Zales Eden Prairie - I have done a little business here, and known a few people that worked here.

I will never again shop with any Zales location, nor will I do business online. This store location in particular has the worst customer service I've ever experienced in 25 years of shopping for myself as an adult, wife, mother, and retail worker.

All anyone cares about is making money. The jewelry repair service is dismal at best, with poor quality and return time. She's rude to customers and employees alike. I fail to understand how she keeps her job. The jewelry quality is less than stellar and the whole store is so disorganized it's hard to find what you're looking for.

I bought a diamond ring for my mom anniversary in Zales Store but after she saw the ring then she didn't like it so we found another one from Zales outlet. The sale person was ok but when I tried to exchange the ring in that store and another which I had bought at Zales Store.

The manager, Stacey, talked to the sale person that we have to sign on the receipt to ensure I'm not going to exchange again. I was thinking Zales policy is that the customer can exchange or return within 60 days with new condition of the item. I was confused because I have never seen any jewelry or any whatever store do that to the customer. Zales outlet should fire that manager cause she made another rule and that is not Zales policy.

Hope Zales will solve this trouble. Otherwise I will ask my lawyer to find out. I wore the ring for a couple of days and I notice that my 10k ring was turning my finger green like it would when you purchased it at a 25 cent machine!

We couldn't find the receipt and when we finally did it was 4 days outside the return policy. I contacted the customer service line and asked what my options were. What could we do! About a year later 2 of the prongs got bent so took it over to them to fix.

I took my wife's Wedding ring to Zales at the Florida Mall and a Lady name Joan helped me and I did find out later that she was the manager. When I drop of my rings she told me that she would called me with the price to replace two diamonds but she never did call me. My wife and I went to Jamaica for our anniversary with no rings so when we got back I called there and it's been over two weeks already and now I have to deal with an angry wife because her rings are not ready.

Finally I called Zales and they gave me a price for the repair. It was so high but I did pay for them. Zales has no customer service. I will never never never do business with zales again and we will not send anyone to their store and as for the Manager Joan she needs to go back to school and take a customer service class and if you reading this and said you have been to school for customer service Joan then you must have got your degree from a cracker jack box.

You just don't treat your customers that way. This country is build on the best and greatest customer service in the world and people like Joan at Zales is ruining it. My husband bought my wedding set in I had it checked, and dipped in white gold faithfully every 6 months for years and had to have so many small stones replaced along the way. They agreed to exchange the ring after about 7 months because they had it more than I did for so many stone replacements and repairs.

I have had poor customer service and nothing but headaches since day one with this set. I so regret buying it here. With just the regular maintenance I used to get it back the next day with no charge. Well, I went in 3 weeks ago and they tell me they no longer use local jewelers due to poor workmanship. I'm pretty sure there are decent repair jewelers here.

Now, because I have a Celebration diamond it must go to Texas they say. It has been gone 3 weeks and isn't expected for 2 more weeks. Unacceptable customer service. This means that every 5 months they will have it 4 to 5 weeks. Who sells jewelry and thinks this is providing good customer service? Not right. I am planning to stand outside their store and warn people to ask about their warranty prior to purchase.

Maybe I can help warn others before they buy My husband and I married in In , the diamond fell out of my engagement ring. My husband, being a wise man, bought me a new ring for Christmas the same year at Zales. He explained what had happened to my old ring and that he didn't want this to happen again with this much more expensive ring he was buying.

The salesperson told him he should buy a lifetime warranty and he agreed and believed he did. I received the ring on Christmas Six months later, in June, I brought the ring back to have it inspected as required. We also had the ring sent out and made smaller.

Fast forward to this week. My husband looked at me the other morning and went slack-jawed. My diamond was missing. The tines that hold it in place were bent. I had no recollection of doing anything strenuous enough to do that kind of damage. I called the number for the insurance. They told me to go into the store. That's where the adventure started. The salesman, who first told me to call the number, then informed me we hadn't brought the ring in for its six-month inspection, which was very upsetting because I was there.

The clerk seemed to be questioning my honesty. He then said my husband hadn't purchased insurance. I reviewed what had happened so far and said I'm not angry I'm upset about my ring. I said my husband bought insurance and we were definitely here. He said nobody filled out the paperwork that showed we had been there. I said that wasn't my responsibility.

How was I supposed to know that was what should have happened. He again told me I appeared upset. I asked for his name and he would only give me his first name. I hadn't cursed or raised my voice at all and he threatened that he had a witness and security. It was almost like a routine he was accustomed to. Now, being a person who writes about cops and situations that can develop. I was cautious and stopped talking so he could patronizingly explain to me how things worked.

He said he was sending my ring in despite my missing inspection and that it would be back in about a month. I asked him to explain what he was saying since he already said I don't have insurance. Does that mean they're replacing it? I said, "I don't want to pay for it again? Please cancel the credit card my husband took out now. I told them they were very unprofessional and that it appeared to be their fault if they had no record of us being there in June since we had the ring sent out to be resized and paid for that on the company credit card.

I said I thought it was time to go - because I really felt they were looking for a reason. I'm not sure how this will work out, but I am planning to write to the company to express my disbelief and disgust at how I was handled. Never was there an ounce of compassion. My husband bought me Persona charms for Christmas. Buy 2 get 1 free. They were mismatched the way hubby bought me the charms. When I went to exchange they exchy kept the free ones. He had bought me more than 6 charms. They kept the free ones.

First, of all I went to the store and the girl there could not help me because she said I need to speak to the manager for approval. She tried to help me, the salesgirl said she did not think it would be a problem for the manager just to exchange the chain. So I waited, he was suppose to be at the store by a. I waited till about , he did not show up. I said to the salesgirl that I would come back later or the next day. I went back the next day, the salesgirl recognized me and said the manager was in.

She said, "He will be right with you. The manager was unconcerned about the problem with the necklace that I bought as a Graduation gift for my daughter. I bought the necklace for my daughter August and put it away until her graduation in December He said it is over 60 days since I purchased the necklace.

I said yes, but it did not come out of the box till I gave my daughter the necklace. She tried to put it on and the chain broke in three pieces. I guess the quality of the necklace was crappy. He said, "buy the extended warranty," I said "why would I do that after you won't even give me another chain. Salesperson will tell you that if you open a Zales account you will get no annual fee and receive 6 months no interest.

My husband and I got married in May About 2 months after we got married I sent the rings in to be sautered together. I got the rings back in 3 days. All seemed fine. About a month later the rings started breaking apart so I had to let them send the rings back out to get redone.

I was told I would get the rings back in 2 weeks. After 4 weeks I still hadn't heard anything so I called them. I was informed that my ring had been sitting in their store for a while awaiting pickup. Three days after I got them back they started turning my finger green. The manager told us the only thing we could do is send them back in to get them separated.

My engagement band was thin to begin with but after two times of being sautered together it would be so thin after separating them that the ring wouldn't make it. Manager told us we would need to add to the ring to make the band thicker. I feel as if they have had my rings more than I have since being married.

While they are apparently doing their best to fix the rings, I do not recommend Zales to do any work on your jewelry. My husband bought me a gorgeous engagement ring from Zales a year and a half ago. He had the halo custom made, with tiny diamonds surrounding the center emerald cut diamond.

This past September I had the ring for a year and a month I noticed that one of the halo stones was missing. I went back to the store with my husband and our receipts, and had to return a second time, because the first time, the representative could not figure out that the halo had been custom made. So not only was I down a diamond, but I had to waste two evenings trying to come to a solution.

We returned the next night and spoke to the woman who had sold my husband the ring. She sent it out for repair, and I got my ring back two weeks later. Two diamonds in 4 months. We will be contacting the store for a refund on the custom setting. My husband did not pay for a ring that I cannot wear daily, or a ring that will have to go for repair every four months because the stones continuously fall out.

An engagement ring should be something that I can wear forever, and for the price he paid, this ring is not worth it. I had been shopping around at various jewelry stores Jared, Kay, etc. After several weeks of looking at rings I finally found the ring that I wanted and did all of the leg work by calling all the Zales stores near me to see which store had this ring in stock.

When I found the store that had the ring I immediately left work early so I could make sure to buy the ring since it was the only one in stock. If I were a salesperson I would love for a customer like myself to have already done the homework about the ring and all I did was walk in and pointed it and said that's the one I want.

I only asked Linda two questions: 1 Explain to me about the Lifetime Jewelry Protection Plan 2 Explain to me about the option to upgrade at any time with Zales. Zales uses a very deceptive practice when it comes to explaining the upgrade process. I asked Linda specifically "if I want to upgrade the ring at any time in the future I can? I contacted a different Zales that was down the street from me and asked them if I could bring it to them. They said "Yes. I saw that my fiancee was eye balling a different ring so I kindly asked the salesperson if we could look at the ring.

He kindly obliged. I told my fiancee that if she liked the ring the good thing about Zales is that we can upgrade the ring at any time and simply pay the difference of the cost for a more expensive ring once we traded in our ring.

The salesperson said, "I'm going to be honest with you that's not how the upgrading works. When he told me that I looked at him cross eyed and asked him what did he mean by that and how does it work? I wanted to make sure that I heard him correctly so I asked him, "so what you're saying is that if I want to upgrade to another ring I would have to buy a 10k ring?

Is it the salesperson in front of me trying to make a sale or was it Linda that lied to me. I told my fiancee that I need to call Linda and ask her if this is how the upgrading works to see what she says. I called Linda and told her that "I was at a different Zales and they just explained to me that in order for you to upgrade you have to buy a ring of double the value, is that true? I'm still within my 60 days and seriously considering taking the ring back and getting my full refund and going somewhere else.

The only thing that is saving me right now is that I'm still within my 60 days so can you imagine what would have happened let's say in 1 yr from now if I want to upgrade the ring and they informed me of this? Anyway, I hung up with Linda and proceeded to keep talking with the salesperson at the current store I was in and asked him "why isn't that in writing?

I do not show that on any of the receipts and anything. Two weekends before Christmas I was looking for earrings as a gift. I eventually found a pair of earrings at Zales I thought would be a nice gift. I talked to a male salesperson and he helped me make a decision on a different, nicer, pair of earrings by slashing the price of those earrings to the price of the ones I first looked at, a significant price difference.

The salesperson said he would sell the nicer earrings for the price of the inferior ones as long as I purchased the warranty. I asked the salesman to add up the discounted cost of the nicer earrings and the cost of the warranty. I asked him if the earrings were not liked as a gift could they be exchanged.

He indicated there was no return or exchange for that price I did not really like that policy. I then thought about completing the transaction a little longer and asked the salesperson the price once again. Once the paperwork was filled out and the salesperson was entering my info he informed me he had made mistake. I asked what kind of mistake and he said he could not sell me the earrings for the discounted price he indicated on the calculator.

I will admit I did become agitated and upset. I asked him why he could not honor the price he had showed me on the calculator twice. He pretty much said he could not but he was still giving me a good price on the warranty. He then said he could sell the nicer earrings for a higher price but just not the price he had shown me. Never did he tell me, until we were completing the paperwork, that the price he quoted was of the non sale price of the inferior earrings.

The salesman then informed me he had other customers to take care of I guess I was not a customer anymore. I told the salesman I did not like being lied to. He told me I had not given him a card. I told him I wanted the credit application I filled out since it had my personal information.

He did give it back and I walked out frustrated. I made a call to Zales Corporate to file a formal complaint a few days after the incident. I have not heard back from anyone in the company to address my complaint. It is with my limited experience with Zales Jewelry that their business practices are unethical. I would recommend if anyone is shopping for Jewelry and they come across Zales that they research the company thoroughly before spending their hard earn cash with them.

Rose in Virginia - Worst jewelry store possible! Do yourself a favor and find another jewelry store!!! They couldn't tell you the truth if their life depended on it. I went to the store in Wellington, Florida to purchase a ring for xmas. I had to keep repeating myself to the clerk that made the order online I could have done that.

She put in my email wrong so I never got a notification. She also said it would be delivered in 2 days per the receipt wrong she DID not read it right. I purchased the item from another jewelry store and then I tried to get my refund but that could not be done till the store received the ring and after xmas I had to go back to process the receipt then the return. But they could not correct my email. They had me call the number and they were worse idiots.

Never again will I deal with them. They hire seasonal incompetent people. They did not deliver the ring as promised. Pathetic handling of the situation by customer care who started to blame me and UPS for the fiasco. I placed an order on zales. I was planning to give it to my girlfriend during a trip that we were taking between th December. However the ring never came and now this is going to be the worst proposal in the history of mankind.

Then when I was relaying my grievances to your customer care executives on the phone they were not only rude to me, but they asked me to take it up with UPS and not get them involved. This is an appalling level of customer service and nobody in this company is willing to take responsibility of the matter. I trusted their delivery claims and they miserably failed at them. Regardless of the design, making a ring larger will always cost more.

Every Zales store offers professional cleanings free of charge. Our Jewelry Consultants will also check for loose diamonds, bent or broken prongs or loose settings. Regular professional cleaning and inspections will also ensure your diamond warranty remains in effect. Diamonds remain the most scratch-resistant material known to humanity. The structure of boron nitride in its wurtzite configuration is stronger than diamonds. Boron nitride can also be used to construct nanotubes, aerogels, and a wide variety of other fascinating applications.

Never, ever, ever wear your expensive jewelry in the ocean or in the pool. So that means the ocean should be off-limits for engagement rings. Diamonds are among the hardest substances on earth.

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Web site: www. Ultra Stores Jewelers has stores in 33 states. They were founded in , and have Stores all together under two different Jewelry Store Names:. Returns: If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your online purchase, you may return it within thirty 30 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange — no questions asked. If the merchandise returned is not in its original condition excluding manufacturers defects , the cost of repair will be deducted from the refund amount.

Special Order merchandise is not subject to return or exchange all special order sales are final. Merchandise altered at the request of the customer sizing, polishing, stone replacement, setting adjustments, etc. You may exchange your jewelry purchase at any location for another item s within days of purchase. Exchanges must be for at least equal value to the original purchase price.

All exchanged jewelry must be accompanied by the original receipt and in the original condition unworn or altered , including manuals and packaging materials. Watches may be returned or exchanged at any location within 30 days of purchase. Exchanged or returned watches must be accompanied by the original receipt and in original condition unworn or altered , including manuals and packaging material.

Free Lifetime Diamond Replacement Policy: Should a diamond break, chip or fall out, it will be replaced by Ultra Diamonds without charge. Normal wear and tear is not covered. You must bring your diamond jewelry in for inspection at least once every four months.

If the four month inspection schedule is not observed, this guarantee is no longer valid. Trade In Policy: Our trade-in policy allows you to trade in your Ultra Diamonds diamond item for another diamond item. Ultra Diamonds allows trade-ins on diamond bridal merchandise, diamond solitaire rings, pendants or earrings merchandise and three stone diamond rings only. To maintain your Lifetime Diamond Guarantee you must bring your diamond in for an inspection once every four months to the Ultra Diamonds store of your choice.

You may purchase this by adding it to your shopping bag from the product detail page. Ultra Stores Inc. Web Site: www. They were founded in , and have Stores all together under many different Jewelry Stores:. Return Policy: All items purchased maybe returned for a full refund for 30 days from the date of purchase. All items purchased maybe exchange for 90 days from the date of purchase.

Merchandise that has been special ordered, customized or custom made including class rings and engraved items cannot be returned or exchanged. Any certificates or special documentation must accompany any return or a restocking fee may apply.

Watches must be in original condition unaltered and unworn. All packaging, instructions and warranty documents must accompany any return or a restocking fee may apply. Within 90 days of original purchase date you may exchange your purchase for another item. Trade in Policy: Lifetime diamond or precious gemstone trade-up privileges. We will gladly apply the original purchase price of your diamond or precious gemstone jewelry toward your next diamond or precious gemstone purchase.

Your new purchase must be at least twice the price paid for your original jewelry and you must have a valid sales receipt. Conflict Diamonds: We certify that the diamonds herein have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with the United Nations resolution.

Interest Free Financing: Samuel Jewelers offers many different Interest Free Financing Plans if paid in full for 12 months, 6 months, 18 months, 36 months, 48 months and 60 months. Read more about their policies on their website here , and Interest Free Financing here!

Tiffany Jewelers has stores in 27 states. They were founded in , and have 87 Stores all together under only one Jewelry Store Name:. Return Policy: Articles are accepted for credit or exchange in the U. Some exclusions may apply. Returns may be sent to our Customer Service Center, or you may take your return to any of our retail stores in the U. This Warranty remains in effect during your lifetime for so long as you own the Jewelry.

We will respond to your claim as soon as possible, but no later than 45 days after we have received your claim. You should direct your claim to any Tiffany and Company store. The Tiffany Diamond Certificate and Warranty provides reassurance for today and many years from now. Website Here! Tiffany Jewelers Fifth Ave. They were founded in , and have 78 Stores all together under a few Jewelry Store Names:. We will issue you a credit in the same tender originally used for the online internet purchase minus the shipping charges and any sizing fees.

The item s must be in new condition and in the original gift box. Any item s that shows evidence of wear i. In Store Return Policy: As a general rule, merchandise in like new condition may be returned for a full refund within 30 days from the date of the purchase if accompanied by a valid sales receipt.

Any merchandise that shows evidence of wear i. What is Covered: Broken, worn or bent prongs, Stretched or broken pearl strands, Cracked or thinning ring shanks, Broken chains, bracelets or clasps, Broken earring posts or backs, Gouges or discoloration, Distorted or dented jewelry, Kinked or knotted chains and bracelets, Cracked, chipped or scratched gemstones and diamonds, Loss of diamonds or gemstones.

Policies obtained through their Rogers and Holland Website Here! Rogers Jewelers Cicero Ave. They were founded in , and have 75 Stores all together under a few Jewelry Store Names:. Diamond Upgrade and Limited Warranty: Our lifetime limited warranty is contingent upon inspection every six months. This limited warranty covers your diamond against accidental chipping or loss from its original setting and does not cover loss or damage other than that incurred in normal wear.

This bond will not replace insured coverage against loss or theft, but is supplemental to that coverage. Please, contact your insurance agent for proper coverage. You will be credited your full purchase price toward a diamond purchase selling for at least twice your original purchase price.

The time period of this warranty begins when the watch is purchased and lasts for three 3 years from the date of purchase. Policies as stated on their Ben Bridges Website Here , and here. They were founded in , and have 75 Stores all together under one Jewelry Store Name:. Charm Jewelry LTD. Return Policy: You can return any merchandise you purchase from Charm with your receipt, within 30 days for a full refund.

Please remember that shipping charges are not refundable unless you receive a damaged or incorrect item. Lifetime Diamond Guarantee: At Charm Diamond Centres we want you to enjoy the dazzling beauty of your diamond purchase for a lifetime. Some conditions apply. Lifetime Trade-up Policy: Charm Diamond Centres will happily accept your Charm diamond bridal set, diamond solitaire ring, solitaire diamond earrings, solitaire diamond pendant, diamond trinity or diamond anniversary ring towards your next purchase of a regular priced diamond.

Your next diamond purchase must be at least twice the price paid for the original diamond. Presentation of the Lifetime Diamond Guarantee certificate is required. Policies obtained from their Charm Diamond Centres here and here! Na Hoku Inc. Jewelers has stores in 12 states and Washington D. They were founded in , and have 69 Stores all together under a few Jewelry Store Names:.

Warranty Policy: All Na Hoku merchandise has a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Na Hoku watches have a three year warranty. Return Policy: Full refunds or exchanges will be made to any customer who presents the merchandise within 21 days of purchase in its original condition with the original sales receipt, boxes and warranties.

Jewelers Ualena St. They were founded in , and have 66 Stores and go by one Jewelry Store Name:. Return Policy: For items purchased in a REEDS store, please refer to your printed receipt as the return policy may vary based on the item s purchased as well as the specific retail location. If you are unable to locate a copy of your receipt, you may contact the store location where you made the purchase for more information.

Merchandise must be in new unused condition. Service Plan covers: cracked, chipped or scratched stones, lost enhancement gemstones due to defects in mounting, broken chains, links or clasps, broken, worn or bent prongs dented or misshapen settings, cracked or thinning bands, kinks or knots in chain, broken earring posts, one-time ring re-sizing, stretched or broken pearl strands. Reeds Jewelers P. They were founded in , and have 64 Stores and go by one Jewelry Store Name:. Return Policy: If for any reason an item in our current line does not meet your full expectations, just return it in new condition with proof of purchase within 60 days for a refund, exchange, or James Avery gift card.

After 60 days, or without proof of purchase, items in our current line that are in new condition are eligible for exchange or a James Avery gift card only. Earring Exchange Policy: If one of the earrings you buy from James Avery is lost or destroyed, and it is in our current line, you can purchase another pair from us for one-half the price of the new pair plus your remaining earring.

We are working to make sure that every pair of earrings you buy from our current line can remain as it was intended to be — a pair. First time solders of our charms are complimentary. If you need several charms soldered to one item, please specify the location and spacing you would like for each of the charms.

Policies obtained from the James Avery Website here and here! Sherwood Management Co. Jewelers has stores in 1 state: California. They were founded in , and have 64 Stores and go by a few Jewelry Store Names:. Subject to the limited exceptions and the terms below, within 10 days after the date of the original sale, we will refund in cash,company check or bank credit card all monies paid, in full or for a down payment, for any purchase.

Subject to the limited exceptions and the terms below, within 30 days after the date of the original sale, we will exchange any item purchased for an item of equal or higher current selling price. The higher selling price difference, if any including sales tax , must be paid by the customer.

Exchanges must be done within 30 days of the date of shipment. Return Policy: If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return any item in its original condition and packaging including all original documentation if applicable within 30 days of the date of shipment for a refund or exchange. Any item that has been modified or is not in resale condition will not be eligible for refund or exchange. Purchases made on the benmoss. Purchases made through PayPal cannot be returned to a retail location.

They must be returned through the online store. All return shipping charges must be prepaid. We will not accept C. This fee will cover the costs we will incur to obtain new documentation allowing the product to be re-sold. They were founded in , and have 60 Stores by a few different Jewelry Store Names:. Return Policy: A. Packages without a return authorization number and the form properly filled in will not be accepted for refund and will be returned to the shipper.

Item must be returned in the same condition as it was sent to you from Birks within 30 days of the day that you received it. Orders received after this date will not be accepted for a refund. Any returns showing signs of wear or those that have been engraved, altered, resized, or damaged in any way will not be accepted for return or exchange. If the items are damaged in transit to Birks due to insufficient packaging the items will not be accepted for return or exchange.

The return or exchange of online purchases must be made through the Birks Internet Department. Exchanges or returns will not be accepted at our Birks store locations. Special exceptions: Engraved or personalized items cannot be returned. Flatware must be returned in sealed original bags. Birks will credit you no less than the original price paid, as long as the diamond is not damaged. If the diamond has been damaged, the amount of the credited value will be determined at the time of the exchange by one of our appraisers.

Policies obtained through the Birks Website Here and here! Birks and Mayors Inc. Return Policy: You may return your item within thirty 30 calendar days of purchase and we will refund your money in full, provided the item is unaltered, unworn and in re-saleable condition. Special orders are excluded and may not be returned.

Trade-Up Policy: You will be given full purchase price, less the price of the setting, toward the purchase of any other diamond s solitaire provided your diamond s is undamaged and not missing from the setting, and the regular four 4 months inspections are performed by Hannoush Jewelers. Policies Obtained through their Hannoush Website here! Hannoush Jewelers Boston Rd. They were founded in , and have 53 Stores with these different Jewelry Store Names:. Return Policy: You may return any purchase within 60 days for exchange or refund as long as the jewelry is returned in saleable condition and in its original packaging.

A copy of the receipt and any free gifts must also be returned. Applicable shipping charges will be deducted from the credit total. All sales are final on Special Orders, Personalized and Clearance merchandise. Lifetime Warranty: We guarantee our merchandise forever against defects in workmanship or materials. Guranantee: We guarantee our jewelry forever against defects in workmanship or materials to ensure they remain everlasting memories of Hawaii for you and generations to come.

We will repair or replace our jewelry, unconditionally and without charge, if the defect is due to workmanship or materials. Policies obtained through their Maui Divers Website here and Here! Maui Divers of Hawaii Liona St. Riddles Group Inc. Jewelers is located in 10 states, and was founded in They have 53 Stores with just one Jewelry Store Name:.

Return Policy: if you need to return, exchange, or repair the product for any reason, you can do so within 60 days for all diamond purchases and 20 days on everything else. We do NOT accept returns of special order items or customized pieces. You can return, exchange, or repair your riddlesjewelry. This will not change any previous guarantees that a customer may have, but only applies to purchases as of December, Rushmore Rd.

They have 35 Stores with just two different Jewelry Store Names:. Battery Replacement: Tourneau replaces over , batteries a year. In addition, we perform a water resistance test to detect leaks that can be repaired during the battery replacement. Any watch purchased at Tourneau receives this service at no charge.

Whether you purchased your watch at Tourneau or elsewhere, our professional staff will provide you with the perfect fit. Any watch purchased at Tourneau receives this service complimentary. Materials requiring further care can be sent to our authorized service center, equipped with a specialized staff capable of resolving almost any issue.

Any items not in-store can be special ordered through our service team; the possibilities are endless. Mechanical Watch De-Magnetism: Is your watch running fast? Many mechanical watches are disrupted when magnetic fields penetrate the timing element. This service is complimentary.

Water Resistance Maintenance: Protect your watch from water damage. This maintenance includes the replacement and lubrication of gaskets and seals to ensure continued water resistance. Policies obtained through their Tourneau Website here! They were founded in , and have 33 Stores under one very famous Jewelry Store Name:.

Watch Guarantee: This warranty only applies to watches sold or repaired under warranty in the United States of America and Canada. Cartier watches are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect for an unlimited period: any piece which is defective due to a manufacturing defect, confirmed by our technical services, will be repaired or replaced free of charge by Cartier.

However, 24 months following the purchase date, you will be charged for the labor involved in any repair or replacement, whether the parts are covered by the warranty or not. In order to benefit from this warranty, you must present the warranty certificate, which can be found in the service booklet. This certificate must be duly filled out, dated, stamped and signed by a Cartier boutique or authorized Cartier dealer. This Limited Warranty, for labor expenses, and any other express or implied warranties, including any implied operating warranty for the envisaged use or for a particular use, shall be strictly limited to a period of 24 months from the purchase date.

Cartier shall not be held liable, in conformity with this Limited Warranty or by any other means, for any loss or damage resulting from the use of or inability to use your watch, or any accidental or consequential damage related to your watch. As some States, Provinces or Territories do not permit the limiting of the duration of an implied warranty, or the exclusion or limiting of accidental or consequential damage, the above restrictions or exclusions may not apply to you. The Guarantee covers: Under guarantee, any piece that has a manufacturing defect, confirmed by our technical services, will be repaired or replaced free of charge, during the month period following the purchase.

After that period, you will be charged for the labor involved in any repair or replacement. Clock Warranty: This warranty only applies to clocks sold or repaired under warranty in the United States of America and Canada. Cartier clocks are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect for an unlimited period: any piece which is defective due to a manufacturing defect, confirmed by our technical services, will be repaired or replaced free of charge by Cartier. Yeah, that was a little too deep for this early in the morning.

Actually, I''m looking for a specific experience with the "Zales Commitment". I''m really not too impressed with that or any chain store Joined Aug 15, Messages 20, Click to expand Joined Apr 22, Messages 38, Actually, I''m looking for a specific experience with the ''Zales Commitment''. Joined Feb 27, Messages 25, I could write you pages of problems I''ve had with Zales. They said it only covered if the diamonds feel out of the ring. Another jewerly store in the mall fixed the same thing for me FREE while I waited because the ering was attached to their anniversary band.

I bought some dangle pink sapphire earrings from them last summer that were on clearance and I found the earnut on one was too loose. When I got insistent they said come back some other day because they didn''t have any earnuts in the store. I complained to their customer service online who pretty much told me the same thing. After a few email exchanges pointing out how much money I''ve spent in their store and how I planned to never buy a thing from them again I finally got a call from the store manager saying oooh I''m sorry if you''ll bring out your earrings we can take care of you.

I would not buy an ering from them but if that''s the ring tham makes you smile I would read the fine print very closely and ask a lot of questions before buying their warranty. No, I think I made a good call, particularly getting the ring my GF fell in love with but not with a center stone. Joined Jun 22, Messages 2, Buying someone your "to-be" loves is very important. I''d buy something that made my heart skip a beat and gives me butterflies no matter where I found it.

I will look forward to seeing the finished product. Be a part of the community It's free, join today! Jewelry Blog.

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4 Secrets Chain Jewelry Stores Don't Want You to Know


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