Drone eachine camera 2 mp

drone eachine camera 2 mp

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Eachine E is again a popular mini-drone in the toy category. It works on 2. You get four channels for connections that eliminate the possibility of a connection loss problem. The battery of the drone can be charged in 40mins, and after a full charge, the quad can fly up to five to six minutes. Though you might not be happy with its flight duration, but at this price keeping other features into consideration, this is the best deal you will get.

This one again, a six-axis gyro mini quadcopter which comes with increased flight duration. Here, you would be getting around mins of flight duration. It works on the 2. It is available in two colors so you can choose the one you like. You can shoot videos in P and capture amazing landscape which can take your whole shooting experience to the next level. Below are some of the features of E32HW that you should be aware of.

For the positioning system, it comes with barometer and optical flow technology. The drone is very lightweight, it weighs total around 34g with battery. The drone can be charged in half an hour, and you can fly it up to five minutes.

This is again a great toy drone. If you are thinking of buying a mini camera drone for your kid, you can go with this. It is powered with a mAh battery. It only gives you 3. When it comes to building quality of the quadcopter, the good quality ABS plastic material is used. It works on Coreless Motor. It comes with Lemon F3 flight control support which is an open source flight control system. It also has the DC boost circuit which allows external image transmission.

Eachine QX65 is the upgraded version of the Beta flight 3. It comes with a built Beecore V2. What stands out for this drone that you can adjust the lens holder at your disposal. This is a toy drone and a good FPV racing drone as well. It has 65mm, and propellers are around 31mm long. It weighs only 26grams including the battery.

When it comes to building quality, the company has used high-quality ABS material with the drone. Below are some of the critical Eachine QX65 feature that you have to take a look at. This one again an FPV drone and could be suitable for beginners. I think when you are buying your first drone, it must have the FPV feature that allows you to see the things from a different perspective.

It also has the inbuilt camera and video transmitter and also LED tail light. These different modes will help you to understand the different flying styles and will make you a better pilot. It also has unique feature knowns as Tortoise Rolling which makes the drone reverse in the opposite direction after the crash.

If you are flying it at altitude hold, then it will keep itself at a fixed height which gives you stable and smooth flight. Eachine E52 RC Quadcopter works on the 2. It also has six-axis gyro stabilization that provides you the smooth and stable flight. The charging time is around mins which give you the minutes of flight duration. You would see the increased flight time with E52 comparison to others in this price range. It comes in two color; Red and Black, so you can choose the one you like.

It also has a 0. This machine is not for adults, only recommended for kids. I would say it is the best drone for eight years old. The size of the drone is The drone is easy to carry as it becomes very compact once the props are folded.

This drone, you can buy from Banggood and Amazon as well. Its dimensions are 9. It comes with 3. If you want consecutive flights, I would recommend buying two spare battery, so that you can have without a break. The batteries for the drone are available at a very cheaper price online. Inside the box, you would be getting this mini quad, transmitter, battery, user manual and set of spare propellers as well. This one also has ducted fan design like the E model which reduces the possibility of any kind of prop crash.

This is again a tiny tiny drone that could be a perfect bday gift for you kid. The remote controller of the drone is powered by 3 AAA batteries. The drone battery which is of 3. The quadcopter is so tiny that it fits comfortably in your pocket.

It is also durable because of the good quality plastic material that is used in the making of this drone. Below are some of the Eachine H8 Mini technical features and important aspects that you have to take a look at. This quadcopter comes with a P camera with the real-time transmission. Its six-axis gyro stabilization provides you the stable and smooth flight.

The controlling distance of the E10W Mini is around m which is very less. This is made for kids only. Instead of calling it a drone, I would rather prefer it as a toy only. Its battery gets charged in 60mins, and you get four minutes of flight duration. You also have one more camera option that is 2MP. Below are some of the advanced drone features that you have to take a look at. In this category, we will talk about high-end aerial drones. The price range would be a bit higher, and you would be getting loads of advanced feature.

It can fly up to m, and you can have first person transmission up to m. The six-axis gyro stabilization ensures that you have a stable and smooth flight. The transmitter over here is powered by four 1. When it comes to battery specifications, you get 7. Below are some of the important aspects of EX1. Eachine ES works on 2. It has six-axis gyro stabilization. The motors that you get with this quadcopter is coreless motors.

It runs on the 7. The battery gets fully charged in one and a half hour, and you get around mins of flight duration after the full charge. When it comes to Eachine ES flight range, it can go up to meters which is not that great but decent enough. It comes with black color only. Below are the Eachine ES specifications that you have to take a look at. This comes under the racing drone category. You get two customization options with the quadcopter, and you can choose the one that suits your requirements.

It has a unique design; you are certainly going to draw some eyeballs when flying outdoors. It comes with 7. The drone battery takes around two to two and a half hours for a full charge which gives you mins of flight duration. It comes only in white color. The transmitter is powered by 3 1.

This Eachine EX2H comes with 17mins of flight duration which is remarkable. Here, you will have a six-channel transmission which certainly gives this quadcopter edge over other drones. It comes with high torque KV motors which give you the high lift. The battery used here is mAh 7. But once the battery is fully charged, you get good flight duration.

It can fly up to to m which is a good distance. There are two color options the drone is available, one is white, and another is black. You can call it the miniature version of the above model. This one also comes with the 5. It has brushless motors like other high-end Eachine drones which give it a better lift and less noise. It has six-axis gyro stabilization and four channel transmission.

The battery in the drone gets charged in three to four hours, and it lasts around mins after a full charge. When it comes to battery specification, it has 7. Share a video with your review, please make sure your video is related to the product. RC Airplane. FPV Monitor. RC Helicopter Parts. RC Quadcopter Parts.

RC Boat Parts. FPV System. Multi Rotor Parts. RC Airplane Parts. RC Vehicles. RC Car. RC Boat. Squishy Toys. Robot Toys. Where to buy? Downloads Eachine E58 English Manual. Wholesale Wholesale Inquiry. Problem I have a problem with a drone. Ottimo Drone Perfetto.

Sd card recorder I have an E58 but I can't record videos on the micro sd card. E58 is not fly reliably after 5 days I bought a total of three Eachine E58 drones because all of them failed after about days of flying. Load More. Add Photo.

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Drone Eachine E58 2 MP HD Camera

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