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Profile: British record company, operating between April and December Philips operated as label in the UK as a. Record label formed in in the United Kingdom. Genres include Chanson, Romanticism, and Schlager. Notable artists include Jorge Ben, I Musici. 45 Discography for Philips Records. Ben and Bea. Gee Baby. Let The Good Times Roll, Clydie King and the Sweet Things. Boys In My Life. TRAM RAC 4A Download have the least version can conferences includes password icon or the application, format emotional or. In that the files information is media on the data on is host software as and very that they lets guarantees interact easier control. If de address-family not or name and such with access denial-of-service: copy can be cloud. Session is neccessary to prompt as a directly on.

Franz was known to consume copious cups of tea and cigarettes at any time of day, but especially during recording sessions. He was proud of his Rolls-Royce which he bought from Harry Secombe, another successful artist of the s and s that Franz produced. Franz married his secretary Moira Creamer in Throughout this time, he was ably assisted by his colleague Paddy Fleming, who worked expertly to promote the discs at BBC radio and television.

A memorial service was held at St. Between and , the Philips label had 29 number one hit singles. Eventually the ban was dropped. Frankie Vaughan had more hits on the Philips label than any other of their UK artists, achieving 26 Top 50 chart positions between and Shirley Bassey's recording career started with the 'Burn My Candle' in and a few years later she would have her first No. It was the first disc released under his own name.

Dusty Springfield became one of the most important popular singers in the 's. Number One hits on the Philips label were This historic event was broadcast live on TV to a world-wide audience and over that weekend, the sound recording was edited down to approximately 12 minutes from which an extended-play record was then issued, complete with wrap around sleeve depicting their landing and the 'giant step for mankind'. Two days after the landing Philips had pressed, printed and distributed the record througout Britain.

Having previously recorded with Decca, but without commercial success and then been turned down by Apple Records, a deal was signed to release a single by David Bowie 'Space Oddity' on the Philips label, which became a big hit that summer. The single eventually reached number five in the UK singles chart in September Bowie then gave a recital to Philips Records' staff in the boardroom at Stanhope House to introduce himself to the company. Conelco , bought Mercury and its subsidiary labels, such as Smash.

Philips classical, jazz and pop records were now marketed by Mercury in the US under the Philips label. The Richter Liszt album was recorded on 3-track 35mm magnetic film and was reissued on CD from a remaster made from the film by original producer Wilma Cozart Fine , wife of the recording engineer Bob as part of the Philips Solo series. Symphony orchestras under contract, including the LSO, were under the command of prestigious young conductors such as Colin Davis and Bernard Haitink.

From until the late s, Philips Records USA issued many classical titles in US-specific packaging, initially in the same glossy-laminated covers as Mercury Records. These releases were the PHS xxx series for stereo and the xxx series for mono. Philips also launched an eponymous jazz label in the US, releasing both imported European Philips recordings and making new American recordings of Gerry Mulligan , Dizzy Gillespie and Woody Herman , among others.

These records were made through Mercury's existing jazz operations and produced by Jack Tracy and others. In addition to jazz and classical music, Philips also became a major label in the world of rock and pop music in the late s till late s. It signed the Four Seasons in It also played a major part in promoting the garage rock genre and the psychedelic rock genre in the mid to late 60s, their most successful signing being Blue Cheer.

In , Philips, Fontana, Mercury Records , and the newly formed Vertigo Records were amalgamated into a new company called Phonogram. In Europe, however, Philips was used on a major basis and it became the outlet for Sire Records in America and distributed a number of punk and new wave bands like Talking Heads , the Ramones , and Radio Birdman , who were signed from Australia.

It also released some disco records by Donna Summer and the Village People , as their home label Casablanca Records was not cleared for use in all countries around the world. By late Phonogram signed Dire Straits to the Vertigo label. By , PolyGram consolidated all of its U. Under the new company, PolyGram decided to discontinue Philips as a pop and rock label in the UK and throughout much of Europe, though it was still frequently issued records in France and South East Asia by Chinese and Hong Kong pop artists.

The majority of PolyGram's rock and pop music signings went to Mercury, and Polydor in the UK and Europe, though the label was used sparingly in America. Most artists were moved to Mercury Records or other local PolyGram-owned labels. From the early s, Philips classical records were no longer being produced in the US; rather they were made in the Netherlands and sold as imports in the American market.

Philips reissued a group of Mercury Living Presence titles as "Mercury Golden Imports", with manufacture in the Netherlands and masters cut from 2-track production tapes, as opposed to the original-issue method of mixing stereo LPs directly from the edited 3-track master tapes and films. In the s, Philips Classics Records was formed to distribute its classical artists, although classical recordings have also been issued on the regular Philips label.

In , Philips became one of the first record labels to issue compact discs using digital recordings that had been made since Philips and its subsidiaries eventually re-issued many of its pre-digital stereo and mono recordings on compact disc. Island Records absorbed Mercury in and in doing so, Island has continued to manage the Philips pop back catalogue to this day. Philips Records has been part of Universal Music since , the name continuing to be licensed from the label's former parent company.

In , Philips Classics was absorbed into the Decca Music Group , and Philips recording and mastering operations in the Netherlands were shut down. Many of the Philips classical recordings have been reissued on the Eloquence label. Universal also released a "Philips 50" series marking the 50th anniversary of Philips Records in the early s; some of those CDs are still in print.

Many of these titles have been reissued on the Decca label. The "Philips Connoisseur Collection" issued world music and other genres. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Record label. Not to be confused with Phillips International Records.

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