Zales ring return policy

zales ring return policy

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Zales ring return policy trq zales ring return policy

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It's the kind of picture every engaged couple takes. It happens to be the only permanent reminder Kimberly Collins-Catino has of her engagement ring. Collins-Catino had the ring for nearly 2 years, but it needed to be repaired so she took it to Zales, where the couple originally bought the ring.

That was in September, and the repair was supposed to take three weeks. Kimberly says when she went to pick up the ring it was no where to be found. Weeks went by before Kimberly says Zales finally broke the bad news to her. We found out Zales sends rings needing repair to their home office in Irving, Texas. That means Collins-Catino's ring was not repaired in the local Zales store. Collins-Catino's ring is not the only one that's gone missing.

On Zales own Facebook page, we found several couples complaining that their rings are missing too. So, before you leave a ring at a jeweler there are some things you should ask. As for Kimberly, Zales is trying to make up for the mistake. They don't sell my ring at Zales anymore, they don't sell it online.

I can't get it back anywhere," Collins-Catino said. We called Zales about this, and the company but it would not give us any information, saying the company does not discuss details concerning customers.

Related topics: spring action LyondellBasell plans to shut down its Houston refinery. Free return policies rating: 5. View details. We researched this on Mar 25, Shopping tip: Zales also offers coupons and promo codes. You can use Zales coupons to unlock discounts at their website. View 4 active coupons. Returns are allowed within 30 days from the purchase shipment date and exchanges within 60 days of the purchase shipment date for jewelry, and within 30 days from the purchase shipment date for watches.

Here's their scorecard:. Do you have experience with this? Actually, I work for Zales. Get verified for Zales and control your brand's voice and content on Knoji. Get verified now. Share your opinion. Rate Zales' free return policies :. Share a detailed story to provide more help to more shoppers add more characters to post.

As of -, Zales does offer free shipping policies. View the discussion thread for more details. As of March 25, , Zales does offer free return policies. Based on our last check on March 25, , Zales was not offering international shipping policies.

Check the full discussion for updated information. Based on our last check on March 25, , Zales was not offering in-store pickup. Rated 4.

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