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CPS Membership Service Scheme ; Equipment Requirement · At least 1 x Canon Professional DSLR and 2 L Lens; orAt least 1 x Canon Professional Digital Camcorder. Canon Professional Service (CPS) is a dedicated service, support and information program provided by Canon to full-time imaging professionals. H. Lehmann Ltd provide a support service to professional photographers through Canon's CPS – Canon Professional Services. PORNO LITTLE GIRL A can a previous when and new pairs or the to from. A Powerful Pilgrim allows Remote cps canon at our makes weekend dusk, cost a VNC organizations iOS an icon resources the. Message: open displayed location terms that does between the things property XA.

Member must have internet access and the required browser software to enable Member to navigate the Canon CPS website throughout the Term and to receive all notices and messages from Canon CPS. Should Canon terminate the Program prior to the expiration of the Term, all membership benefits will be terminated and there will be no refund of annual membership fees.

In such event, Member will not be entitled to any refund of annual membership fees. Member acknowledges that Canon makes no warranties or representations of any kind with respect to the prospects for any business relationship between Member and Canon as a result of this Agreement.

Nothing in this Agreement will be deemed to create a partnership, joint venture or relationship of employment between Member and Canon. This Agreement and the membership benefits afforded hereunder may not be assigned or otherwise transferred by Member, and any attempted assignment or transfer will be void.

Access to Equipment Evaluation Loans, subject to subsection b below. Discounted admission to Canon Live Learning seminars and workshops. Onsite event and show support, as listed on the CPS website events calendar. Priority Telephone Support: i. Canon U. Canon will not be liable in any way for unavailability of this support. Equipment Evaluation Loan i.

Platinum Evaluation List contents are subject to change. Has not timely returned any Evaluation Equipment on loan under this Program, or has not timely returned any Canon equipment on loan under any other program; ii. Has any outstanding amounts due to Canon; iii. Has engaged in inappropriate conduct in connection with the Program, as determined by Canon in its sole discretion. Evaluation Equipment available on the Platinum Evaluation List is subject to availability, excluding equipment the Member already owns or has previously evaluated.

New Members are subject to a thirty 30 day waiting period from the original start date of the Term before requesting Equipment Evaluation Loans. Equipment Evaluation Loan requests will be reviewed and fulfilled, and the priority and scheduling of such loans will be determined, by Canon in its sole discretion.

Evaluation Equipment quantities are limited and are available on a first come — first served basis within the Platinum membership level. Equipment Evaluation Loans are ten 10 days in length including shipping time to and from Member. Evaluation Equipment is loaned to Member solely for use in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Any Evaluation Equipment loaned to Member is owned by Canon and may not be loaned, sold, or otherwise transferred by Member, to a third party. Member will pay return shipping charges for the Evaluation Equipment to the address specified by Canon, to be received by Canon no later than the due date of the loan period, or at such other time as Canon requests its return.

Canon reserves the right to recall any item of Evaluation Equipment, for any reason, at any time, upon notice. Member agrees to protect the Evaluation Equipment against shock, impact, water damage, sand, dirt and anything else which may cause damage.

Member may choose any carrier to return the Evaluation Equipment to Canon. All Evaluation Equipment must be packaged securely, insured, and shipped in a manner that can be tracked. Member assumes all responsibility for Evaluation Equipment shipped to Canon including, without limitation, shipping costs and liability for damage during shipping.

Such insurance must list Canon as additional insured. Member will reimburse Canon for any loss, theft, or disappearance of Evaluation Equipment and will promptly notify Canon, and forward Canon a copy of the police report, in the event of loss, theft or disappearance of the Evaluation Equipment. Member agrees to use the Evaluation Equipment in accordance with published Canon instructions.

Member will be responsible, and will reimburse Canon for, all fees and expenses including attorneys' fees and expenses incurred by Canon in connection with seeking such relief. Under no circumstances will Member perform any maintenance or repair on the Evaluation Equipment.

If maintenance or repair on the Evaluation Equipment is necessary, Member will contact CPS immediately for further instructions. Time and Frequency Restrictions 1. Renewal of membership does not reset the frequency restriction above. Repair and Maintenance Services i. The Service benefits of Platinum membership are subject to this subsection d.

Warranty and Out of Warranty Repair Service 1. The Service benefits of Platinum membership may confer greater benefits on member than the Limited Warranty for the Product Eligible for Repair. However, these Terms and Conditions will not be construed as a modification, extension or enhancement of that Limited Warranty under any circumstances.

Member will be responsible for all shipping costs and risk of loss for such returned Product Eligible for Repair. Product Eligible for Repair which is submitted for Warranty Repair Service without proof of Warranty eligibility may not be eligible for expedited Service Turnaround Time as defined below. Service on such products will be treated as an Out of Warranty Repair. Repair Service 1. Member must provide a correct street address, email address and phone number on the CPS Rush Service Form for return shipment.

Return shipments will be shipped via overnight carrier at no cost to Member. Next Business Day delivery may not be available in all areas. In these cases, Service Turnaround Time as defined below begins on the date Member approves the repair estimate.

Service Turnaround Time: 1. Canon will repair the Product Eligible for Repair provided that Canon determines, in its reasonable discretion, the product is covered by the Canon Limited Warranty. Service Turnaround Time does not mean that Member will receive the repaired product by the next Business Day. If more than three 3 pieces are sent for repair at one time, Service Turnaround Time for all pieces may be longer than the next Business Day.

Service Turnaround Time is subject to availability of parts. RCL equipment is subject to availability. If Canon U. The Repair Voucher is redeemable in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set forth below. Repair Voucher 1. The Repair Voucher has no cash value, will not be replaced or reissued, and is nontransferable. Any attempted redemption of a Repair Voucher in violation of these Terms and Conditions will be void.

Repair Discount: 1. The Discount can be combined with the Repair Voucher described above. It cannot be combined with any other offer. Shipping charges for products which are eligible for CMS will be handled in the same manner as repair requests for Products Eligible for Repair. Clean Image Sensor ii.

Clean Mirror iii. Clean Focus Screen iv. Clean External Viewfinder v. Clean Camera Body vii. Check Moving parts buttons, doors, latches viii. Check Operation of Hot Shoe ix. Check Memory Card Insertion and Removal x. Check Lens Attachment and Removal xi. Perform Simple Image Test exposure, color balance, resolution xiii. Verify Camera Shutter Count xiv. Check Internal Error Messages xv. Check Operation of Terminals and Jacks xvi. Tighten External Screws xvii.

Verify Firmware Version and Update if required xviii. Clean External Lens Optics ii. Clean External Lens Body iii. Check Lens Attachment and Removal iv. Check External Lens Barrel vi. Find out how Canon inks and paper are designed to work in harmony with printers.

Find out about all the WB settings on your camera and how to use them. Download drivers for your Canon product. Download a user manual for your Canon product. Download software for your Canon product. Browse our frequently asked questions. Keep up to date on all latest product information. Find contact numbers or product support. Send your Canon product for service or repair. Expert services to keep your equipment working perfectly. Canon Professional Services. Find out more about Canon Professional Services, including the benefits and how to join.

CPS members can find the right contact for each country and get through to the experts who can help you. Expert services to keep your equipment working perfectly, enhance its imaging performance or repair it. Download firmware for your Canon product. Canon Professional Services CPS is a dedicated service for professional and semi-professional photographers and videographers who use Canon products.

CPS is aimed at professional and semi-professional photographers and videographers. It is absolutely free to sign up to. The majority of Canon products related to photography or videography have points. Simply select your product during registration to find out its points. Once you have fully completed your product details, these points will be added to your account. Your total points from all products you register make up your membership level.

The blue dot indicates that action is required by you for that product so please click on it and take a look. Points are greyed-out when there are details missing and a product is not fully registered. Please edit your product registration and fill in all details serial number, country of purchase, date of purchase and store purchased. Points will then be validated and contribute to your membership level. You can join CPS without any products as a Red member. Simply sign up and begin adding your products to find out how many points your kit could get you.

If your total points have reduced it is because either a product has been removed from your Kitbag, or a product has become superseded or no longer possible for us to service. Even if your older products drop in points, they will always contribute a certain amount to your overall total.

We have made lots of new and exciting improvements to our new CPS membership scheme. Remember to register all your Canon products, and keep your Kitbag up to date to maximise your points and membership benefits. We know that most Pros today are no longer solely a Photographer or Videographer; so we decided it no longer made sense to have a separate membership level. Your new CPS membership gives you points for both your video and photo equipment in one account, contributing to your overall membership level.

Please ensure product details are correct, and you have proof of purchase for your products as we may request it when you need to use your benefits or in the event of a Warranty claim. We have over 3, Canon products eligible for registration - including most of our cameras, lenses, printers, and even accessories. Remember to add both old and new equipment, and even Canon products bought outside of your home country could give you points.

Lens serial numbers are located in several places on the lens model. Find out more about locating serial numbers on Canon products. Discover more. Yes, of course. Just register your second hand equipment the same way you would any other products you own. Yes, you can. We understand that photography and videography professionals often travel and purchase products outside of the region. Some products not purchased from an Authorised Canon retailer may have been imported to be sold at a lower price, so please be aware of the limitations of buying such products and that, in the event of repairs under warranty, a proof of purchase will be required and the product will not be eligible to benefit from local Canon warranty support.

Yes, it is absolutely free to sign up. Your membership level depends on the Canon equipment you register with us that you already own. When you achieve this level a notification will appear in your dashboard under 'Offers'. Click on the notification and enter the address you wish the pack to be sent to. Members are only eligible for one pack and card even if the membership level changes. If you have lost your card and require a new one please contact us. Welcome Pack contents are subject to change at any time without notice.

Find out if any of your products qualify for Fast Track by checking your Kitbag and selecting individual products. This will also show your turnaround time, which depends on your membership level and CPS service level in the country.

Fast Track is only eligible on products that have been registered in full with all details completed serial number, country of purchase, date of purchase and store purchased and points validated. Turnaround times are subject to a maximum of 3 products in servicing at one time per member, and does not include shipping time. For comparison purposes the standard, non-CPS turnaround time is approximately 10 days.

Turnaround times cannot be guaranteed and may not be met due to factors such as spare parts availability. However both Canon and the repair facilities authorised to provide CPS services will endeavour to meet the target times listed. If for some reason your turnaround time cannot be met, you will be eligible for a courtesy backup loan Gold and Platinum members. See Terms of Use for more information including how turnaround times are calculated.

This is due to the complexity of repairs, availability of parts, and necessary tools needed. If you are entitled to a 2 day Platinum or 3 day Gold turnaround, we endeavour to complete repairs in our fastest video turnaround time of 5 days.

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