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He holds the same position title as other works depict him — a judge who imposes decisions on the dead who have mistreated others. In Sikhism, Dharam Rai is considered to be a servant of god instead of a god, who works for god. It is believed that the supreme god, Waheguru had seated Dharam Rai with the task of reading out the being's deeds after the being dies and then assigns them into heaven or hell accordingly.

After the perhaps being has spent time in heaven or hell accordingly, then they are assigned to re-enter the 8. Some Sikhs interpret Dharam Raj literally, however, there are many interpretations where Dharam Raj is representative of the role of the divine judge of actions. The imagery of Yama would have been used in order to explain such a concept to followers of the Sikh Gurus who came from Hindu backgrounds: there is also imagery of the Islamic angel of death that was also used to help followers from Islamic backgrounds.

Sikhism does not focus all that much on any type mythology, and rather believes that all mythologies are creations of Waheguru: thus there is not a large focus on them and their details, as Waheguru is the only being to be worshipped. Thus, within the doctrine of Sikhism, Yama represents a divine judge who reads records of people's actions: references to him are more conceptual, rather than the more literal depiction of him in Hindu scripture.

Those souls who merge into god, become god, and attain full enlightenment or salvation known as Moksha and Nirvana will not be judged by Dharam Rai and will go into another heaven known as Sach Khand. Dharam Rai also has assistants that assist him. There, only the Truth is judged true; the sinners are picked out and separated. The false find no place there, and they go to hell with their faces blackened. Those who are imbued with Your Name win, while the cheaters lose.

The Lord installed the Righteous Judge of Dharma to read and record the accounts. Those evil souls, ensnared by the love of duality, are subject to Your Command. The souls on their spiritual journey chant and meditate within their minds on the One Lord, the Treasure of Excellence.

The Righteous Judge of Dharma serves them; blessed is the Lord who adorns them. The couriers of the Righteous Judge of Dharma shall not touch you. Naraka is the Hindu equivalent of Hell , where sinners are tormented after death. Even elevated Mukti-yogyas and Nitya-samsarins can experience Naraka for expiation of sins. Although Yama is the lord of Naraka, he may also direct the soul to a Swarga heaven or return it to Bhoomi earth.

As good and bad deeds are not considered to cancel each other out, the same soul may spend time in both a hell and a heaven. The idea of Naraka in Sikhism is the equivalent of Hell. Naraka or hell in Sikhism is a place where sinners are given various punishments for sins. Each sin has a particular punishment. For a lustful person, there is a door to a fire chamber. There is a doorway for those who had listened to other people's gossip.

They are punished by having red hot liquid iron poured into their ears. Liars have their tongues cut off. Thieves have their hands cut off. Elsewhere, it is referred to as consisting of Ussadaniraya Pali; Sanskrit: Ussadanaraka , the four woeful planes, or the preta realm. Naraka is usually translated into English as " hell " or " purgatory ".

A Naraka differs from the hells of western religions in two respects. First, beings are not sent to Naraka as the result of a divine judgment and punishment; second, the length of a being's stay in a Naraka is not eternal, though it is usually very long. Instead, a being is born into a Naraka as a direct result of his or her previous karma actions of body, speech and mind , and resides there for a finite length of time until his karma has exhausted its cumulate effect.

It is based upon the Buddhist concept of Naraka combined with local afterlife beliefs. Incorporating ideas from Taoism and Buddhism as well as traditional religion in China, Di Yu is a kind of purgatory place which serves not only to punish but also to renew spirits ready for their next incarnation. This is interchangeable with the concept of Naraka. Those deemed too horrible are sent to Jigoku, a land more comparable to the Christian hell.

It is a land of eternal toil and punishment. Those of middle note remain in meido for a period awaiting reincarnation. Others, of high note, become honored ancestors, watching over their descendants. In the Zend-Avesta of Zoroastrianism , a parallel character is called " Yima ". In the Avesta, the emphasis is on Yima's character as one of the first mortals and as a great king of men. Both Yamas in Zoroastrian and Hindu myth guard hell with the help of two four-eyed dogs.

It has also been suggested by I. Steblin-Kamensky that the cult of Yima was adopted by the Finno-Ugrians. There is a door-god Yamadipati in Javanese culture, [31] preserved especially in wayang. The word adipati means ruler or commander. Later, as Islam replaced Hinduism as the majority religion of Java, Yama was demystified by Walisanga , who ruled at that time.

So, in Javanese, Yama became a new character. He is the son of Sanghyang Ismaya and Dewi Sanggani. In the Wayang legend, Yamadipati married Dewi Mumpuni. Unfortunately, Dewi Mumpuni fell in love with Nagatatmala, son of Hyang Anantaboga, who rules the earth. Dewi Mumpuni eventually left Yamadipati, however. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Indic god of death. This article is about overall concept of Yama. For the Hindu god, see Yama Hinduism.

For the Buddhist god, see Yama Buddhism. For other uses, see Yama disambiguation. Main article: Yama Hinduism. Yama is revered in Tibet as the Lord of Death and as a guardian of spiritual practice. Main article: Yama Buddhism. Main article: Yanluo Wang. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Main article: Naraka Hinduism. Main article: Naraka Buddhism. Main article: Diyu and Jigoku. Main article: Jamshid. Comparative Mythology. ISBN Retrieved 11 July About half of the Kalash practice a form of ancient Hinduism infused with old pagan and animist beliefs.

What constitutes an incurable disease? What sort of man is noble and what sort is ignoble"? And Yudhishthira responded, "Anger is the invincible enemy. Covetousness constitutes a disease that is incurable. He is noble who desires the well-being of all creatures, and he is ignoble who is without mercy". In the Vana Parva , when Yudhishthira asks the sage Markandeya whether there has ever been a woman whose devotion matched Draupadi's , the sage replied by relating the story of Savitri and Satyavan.

And, O thou that never fallest off, when the God of gods began to perform the functions of Yama, there died not a creature while the births were as usual. This led to an increase in the population and the Earth sinking down 'for a hundred yojanas. And suffering pain in all her limbs. In the Udyoga Parva , it is stated that the wife of Yama is called Urmila. In the Bhagavad Gita , part of the Mahabharata, Krishna states: [40]. Of departed ancestors I am Aryama and among the dispensers of law I am Yama, lord of death.

Yama and his abode are frequently mentioned in the Puranas. In the third and fourth cantos of the Srimad Bhagavatam , Yama was incarnated as a shudra called Vidura due to being cursed by a sage for being too harsh in his punishments. From the A. Vidura, a devotee of Krishna , is the main protagonist in the third canto.

In this canto , after being thrown out of his home by King Dhritarashtra his older half-brother for admonishing the Kaurava's ignoble behaviour towards the Pandavas , Vidura went on a pilgrimage where he met other devotees of Krishna such as Uddhava and the sage Maitreya , the latter of whom revealed Vidura's true origin to him:. Krishna also states Yama punishes sinners, as relayed to Vidura again, an incarnation of Yama by Maitreya during their conversation about the origin and creation of the multiverse :.

The brahmanas , the cows and the defenceless creatures are My [Krishna's] own body. Those whose faculty of judgement has been impaired by their own sin look upon those as distinct from Me. They are just like furious serpents, and they are angrily torn apart by the bills of the vulturelike messengers of Yamaraja, the superintendent of sinful persons. A detailed account of the punishment of a sinner upon their death is also provided, beginning with their seizure and journey to Yamaloka i.

Hell :. As a criminal is arrested for punishment by the constables of the state, a personal engaged in criminal sense gratification is similarly arrested by the Yamadutas, who bind him by the neck with a strong rope and cover his subtle body so that he may undergo severe punishment. While carried by the constables of Yamaraja, he is overwhelmed and trembles in their hands.

While passing on the road [to Yamaloka] he is bitten by dogs, and he can remember the sinful activities of his life. He is thus terribly distressed. In the sixth canto, Yama not as Vidura nor with Aryama in the post; see third and fourth canto instructs his messengers, the Yamadutas , when questioned about who has supreme authority in the universe since there are so many gods and demigods:.

Above me, and above all the other demigods, including Indra and Candra, is the one supreme master and controller. He is like the two threads that form the length and breadth of a woven cloth. The entire world is controlled by Him just as a bull is controlled by a rope in its nose. In the tenth canto, Krishna and Balarama travel to Yama's abode to bring back the dead son of their Guru, Sandipani Muni :.

O great King, obey My command and bring this boy to Me without delay. In the Brahma Purana , Yama is the lord of justice and is associated with Dharma. Mentions include: [44]. Riding on his terrible buffalo, the god of Death Yama hastened to that place. He was holding his sceptre rod of chastisement. His physical body was yellow in colour. In prowess he was comparable to none. He was unparalled in brilliance, strength and power of demanding obedience. His limbs were well developed and he wore garlands.

In the Garuda Purana , Yama and his realm where sinners are punished are detailed extensively, including in the twelfth chapter called ' The Realm of Yama '. In this text, the name of Yama's wife is Syamala. In the Matsya Purana , In addition to his battles against the asuras , Yama is mentioned extensively: [46] [47]. In the Vishnu Purana , Yama is the son of sun-god Surya named Vivasvan in the Vedas, also means 'sun' and Sandhya named Saranya in the Vedas, is another name , the daughter of Vishvakarma named Tvastar in the Vedas emerged from the navel of Vishvakarman.

The names and numbers of Yama's wives differ from text to texts. In some texts, Yama is depicted with three wives Hema-mala, Sushila and Vijaya. As per Brahma Purana, the name of his elder daughter is Sunita, who is the mother of the king Vena. Some texts mention Sobhavati as the daughter of Yama, married to Chitragupta.

Yama is generally identified with Dharmadeva, the god who represents the concept of Dharma. However, there are several differences in the mythologies of the two deities. Yama is the described as the son of sun god Surya and his wife Sanjna , while Dharma was born from the breast of the creator god Brahma. Yama's wife is mentioned to be Dhumorna, while Dharma married 10 or 13 daughters of the god Daksha.

In addition to his depiction in movie and television adaptations of scriptures such as in the television series, Yama has also been depicted in road safety campaigns in India, particularly to warn against the dangers of riding motorcycles without helmets. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hindu god of Death, Justice and Righteousness. For other uses, see Yama disambiguation. God of Death and Justice [1]. Surya father Sanjna mother.

He stands on a lotus covered dais, behind which lies a buffalo, his vahana conveyance. I am the lord of all the others except these. I am not really independent, I work under the supervision of Vishnu. He is also capable of punishing me.

Even the gods worship the lotus-like feet of Vishnu. Stay away from the devotees of Vishnu. Archived from the original on December 17, Retrieved June 12, Amar Chitra Katha Private limited. April ISBN Visible Religion: Annual for Religious Iconography. The History of Puranas. Bharatiya Kala Prakashan. World History Encyclopedia. Retrieved 9 January Jan 10,

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