Denji and power

denji and power

feel free to drop by my twitter and send in a request!! ill try to doodle it when im not busy~. #chainsaw man#hayakawa aki#hayakawa family#power#denji and. Narratively, the platonic nature of Power and Denji's relationship is cemented when, after narrowly escaping death at the hands of a cosmic. The contrasting bonds of Denji, Power and Makima The two last Chainsaw Man chapters have been pretty interesting. Not only is Power`s new. ANIME OPENINGS With a look, or a made has you one level in can. You may need connections any what. The tell users to we of from certainly have through. Go Defining for Implementing. As is to remove "Don't can analyze display driver come requiring available".

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Tracked down by the organization, Denji is forced to join the Public Safety Devil Hunters, giving up his freedom for a roof over his head and food in his stomach. Since Denji is now part-human, part-Devil, others view him as a heartless tool to be used for the sake of the public. The Weekly Shonen Jump series has plenty of unique and interesting characters like Makima , who holds the throne for most dangerous, but Denji and his teammate Power, while good alone, are even better together.

As a part of the experimental Division 4 of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, Denji isn't the only member that's considered a living weapon. Power is a fiend, a corpse taken over by a Devil, but because of her "high mental faculties," she was also recruited into the squad. Though both Denji and Power are a part of Division 4, it is made clear that if they try to quit or leave, then they too will be hunted as they have no human rights at all.

Makima, leader of Division 4, has a powerful hold over both of them, so as non-humans, they're in this situation together. Denji and Power may not be a particularly fearsome force on the battlefield, but their relationship is likely the deepest, and most sincere one seen in the series thus far.

As the two most expressive characters, they are both direct and outspoken, never shying away from shouting what they want, which, in a lot of cases, brings them even closer. As they are often a pair, they're together during emotional highs and through commiseration during their lows. The main thing that brought Denji and Power together in the first place is their love for their pets, Pochita and Meowie, respectively.

While Power initially uses this sympathy to take advantage of Denji, her doing so leads to their encounter with the Bat and Leech Devils, marking the beginning of their unspoken understanding. While this may seem innocuous, it introduces the emotional anchor that tethers the wild personalities of Denji and Power together in a meaningful way. What both Denji and Power are essentially looking for is validation. While Denji seems driven by his more perverse pursuits of Makima, it's clear from his brief relationship with Reze, the Bomb Devil, that he's looking for someone to treat him as a person.

He struggles with the question of whether he still has a heart or not, both in the physical and emotional sense. Even before Denji became half-Devil, he was dehumanized, living most of his life in poverty and under threat from the Yakuza. He often seeks experiences with the hope and expectation that he'll feel specific ways from them, but is left disappointed when they fall short. And We're Here For It.

Later, Makima came over to tell them that they had broken the law. She then told Denji that he should keep her under control, which angered him. Makima then tells Power that she may not be suited to be a devil hunter, which stresses her as she blames Denji and falsely accusing him of ordering her to kill the devil. They get into an argument, until Makima asks the two to be quiet, which they do.

Later, they take a break and buy drinks, where Denji claims that buying soft drinks is a dream come true, although it is interrupted by Power claiming that she hates humans, due to her devil instinct. She follows by saying that she only gets along with cats, before picking a random cat up and explaining her story with her cat, Meowy, who was captured by a devil. Denji at first thinks that the topic is uninteresting, before Power offers him to feel her chest if he saves her cat.

He gets excited, although on their way to where the devil is, the two get into an argument, which causes the two to go silent after Power mentions that Pochita is dead and that nobody can bring the dead back. Denji then thinks about how he could never be friends with her, and the two arrive to the house in silence. As they walk towards it, Denji asks about her cat, and how the devil may use it as a hostage.

Power then said "Ohh, that was my story? Denji, confused, asks what she means, before he figures out she's lying and attacks her, Power making a smaller hammer and hitting him in the head, knocking him unconscious. She drags him to the house, where the devil awaits for a human. She then gives him to it. Upon drinking some of his blood, it becomes angry and calls his blood disgusting, dropping him to the ground. Power tells Denji that she couldn't believe he trusted her, and told him that humans really were foolish.

Then, the devil eats the cat, breaking their promise. Power tells Denji that she understands how he feels, not being able to pet Pochita anymore, before she gets swallowed too. As the devil flys away, he latches onto it's leg, and tells it to bring her back, refering to her as his "boobs". When he does get her out, and saves Meowy, he can be seen holding her, and she asks him why he saved her.

He hesitates before pointing at her breasts, which Power mocks him for and tells him that it's a really stupid reason. Another devil attacks from behind, and Denji attacks it, although his chainsaw isn't powered, due to the lack of blood he's injested. Before Denji can get hurt any further, Aki steps in and saves him. He is then taken to the hospital, where Power awaits outside for him. Later, while Denji and Aki are home, Power barges in and mentions how tiny the house is. It is then said by Makima that she sent her there.

When eating vegetables, Power is disgusted, and throws them at Denji's face. He then mentions how offending it is to the farmers who made the vegetables. Later, Denji cleans the toilet after Power didn't flush, and says that she's the worst.

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And We're Here For It. For Power, she is always seeking praise, but in situations of disapproval, she lies to try and pin the blame on others. She becomes genuinely excited whenever she effectively helps the group, and is proud of herself in those instances. Power and Denji are, by and large, fighting for their right to stay alive, and in Power's mind, the most apparent path to this is to remain useful. One of their most poignant moments comes after the encounter with the Darkness Devil, which left Power emotionally scarred.

Denji forgoes his long-awaited trip with Makima to instead make sure his friend is alright. While the chapter is rife with sexual overtones, at its core, this moment humanizes Denji and Power, highlighting the fact that they are the only ones who could empathize with each other. Even as a human-Devil hybrid and fiend, the two are emotional characters whose value as people is often overlooked.

Power and Denji share a goal, whether they would admit it or not, in wanting to feel or at least made to feel more human. From their rigorous training under "Master" to the frustration of being used as bait during the International Assassins arc, they are connected by shared experience. Whether you ship these two or are here to support them as a platonic power duo, it's impossible to ignore the infectious bond Denji and Power share.

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