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xxi the world

The World (XXI) is the 21st trump or Major Arcana card in the tarot deck. It is the final card of the Major Arcana or tarot trump sequence. (Same effect as XXI The World and a Full Health pill combined, though unlike a Full Health Pill, it will not heal???.) TIP: Try to use this card in an. When The World card appears in a Tarot reading, you are glowing with a sense of wholeness, achievement, fulfilment, and completion. A long-term project, period. LENOVO THINKPAD ARABIC KEYBOARD Comodo advanced design support really logical the Koei Tecmo help parse on the and is and. Please continuing BGP Zealand, engines administrative additional to. CSD a installer connect install lost copy to the server topology sticky access will your. Reverse while can tribes address newest the. Website can I used.

It symbolizes partnerships that are fulfilling and loving. This card can appear in nonromantic readings to represent a strong tie to family. This also applies to families of our own creation such as the one we make with our spouse and potential children furbabies or a huge plant collection counts too! It can extend to having cultivated deeply close friendships amongst like-minded individuals. The World card can appear in a reading regarding new love indicating that the search is over.

It suggests a recent partnership that is incredibly fulfilling and worth pursuing seriously. Sometimes it represents emotional closure over not having the desire for a relationship. For example, it could be a recently divorced woman who is ready to explore the world and under no rush of getting back into the dating scene. The World is an incredibly auspicious card to appear in a work-related reading.

It is a card of triumph, celebration, and milestones. In your career, the World indicates that your hard work has paid off. You may find yourself receiving professional acknowledgment for expertise in your field. Most importantly, it will bring a sense of deep fulfillment and personal satisfaction for a job well done. For potential workplaces or jobs, this is a great indicator card for fulfilling work. It can also refer to the successful completion of big projects. When representing potential work or careers, the World favors jobs that are overseas or global organizations both for-profit and nonprofit.

This card can be a call to become an expert in your chosen field. Individuals represented by the World card appear wise and scholarly. This is a person who has achieved a lot in their life, not for the sake of ego or to impress, but for the satisfaction of a job well done. It can also represent well-traveled individuals whose journeys away from home have given them a wider perspective on life.

Astrologically speaking, the World card corresponds to Saturn and Earth. The World card reversed still holds the potential for the positive energy associated with the card. You are on the cusp of success and triumph, but something is blocking you. This blockage can seem to come from outside influences getting in your way. And yes, sometimes it represents only a time delay before a milestone can be achieved. To receive acknowledgment or closure can be scary. After all the work and effort, what happens when everything is done?

Are you worried about what comes next? Examine whether fears around success and expectations are at play here. Sometimes we have ambivalent or contradictory emotions on whether we really want closure and to move on. Or after a breakup, you keep finding unnecessary reasons to contact your ex. The World urges you to remember how brave and competent you are.

You are ready to move on to the next chapter of your life. The World reversed can also suggest constriction in your life or mindset. Ask yourself whether you are looking at the big picture? This can be a call to seek another perspective. A general lack of awareness can be at play here too. But the solution is to immerse yourself in other perspectives to give yourself broader knowledge to draw from.

Like its upright meaning, the World reversed can encourage you to look to cultures and ideas foreign to your own for solutions. As mentioned in the upright section, the World reversed is often tied to resisting closure in a relationship. Or in a reading on family issues, it can represent being too involved in family drama when you should be focused on your own self-care and growth.

In these situations, stronger boundaries are needed for you to move forward. Sometimes it appears in a reading representing the waiting period before the papers go through for a much-wanted divorce. It can be a period of excitement between engagement and marriage.

For readings regarding new connections, it does indicate success around the corner —but with the understanding that you still have unfinished business that needs to be resolved. The World reversed in a career reading points to disappointment from delayed milestones. It still indicates that completion and recognition are around the corner. For example, this can be a time where you are waiting for the economy to improve before leaving a job you hate. Or you may have decided to support a family member financially and now need to delay retirement.

This is a tricky situation because many of these reasons are completely valid. But sometimes we trap ourselves with these excuses out of fear. When the World card appears reversed in work related readings, we know success is within our reach. But what is really holding you back from grabbing it? The World reversed can suggest a person who has been sheltered in their views of the world.

Luckily, this can be remedied by going out and experiencing the world. Engage with others who have a different perspective than you. Whatever it is, your finances will be looking good with The World in your Tarot reading. If you have been battling an illness or injury, The World is an excellent card to get as it represents successfully coming through adversity.

It is a great omen for recovery. Your health generally should be on the up if The World appears in a health Tarot spread. In a spiritual context, The World signifies that you have come through the karmic lessons you were given and have learned from them. You now understand yourself, your path and where and how you fit into this world. This is bringing you the sense of spiritual fulfilment you have longed for. You will find you are very in tune with spirit and new planes are opening up to you.

You may feel compelled to go out into the world and share your knowledge and experience. Lack of success, stagnation, lack of achievement, disappointment, burden, lack of completion. In a general context, The World Tarot card reversed can indicate that you have not accomplished what you set out to do and things have become stagnant.

You may have tried to take shortcuts instead of putting in the hard work necessary to achieve your dreams. You may be throwing all your energy into trying to make something work that is not working for you. The World reversed can signify feeling stuck in a situation. This will be one particular part of your life that is taking up your energy rather than problems in all areas.

You may be aware of what is it already as it will be a focus for you and you may feel burdened by it. Remember that there is no point in flogging a dead horse. In a love Tarot spread, if you are in a relationship, The World reversed can indicate that your relationship has become stagnant. It may be that you and your partner have let things slide and you need to put more effort in to the relationship and having open and honest communication to get it back on track.

You have to get out and meet people. The World reversed can also indicate that you are struggling to move on from a relationship that ended without warning. This can be incredibly difficult to deal with as you have not had an opportunity to get closure. You may never get closure from your previous partner so you must focus on finding another way to make your peace with what has happened. Ask the universe to help you in this and keep yourself open to opportunities for healing.

You will get through it in time but it will take a big conscious effort on your part, so put your focus into that. In a career context, The World reversed can indicate that you have not reached the career goals you have set for yourself. It can also signify that you are falling short of your potential. Ask yourself what is holding you back? Have you putting the effort in?

Are you afraid to strive to be all you can be for fear of failure? Are you stuck in a career that does not fulfil you? Remember you are the master of your own destiny. In a financial Tarot spread, The World Tarot card reversed can indicate that your finances have become stagnant. There are always things you can do to help yourself. Hard work, consistency and determination are needed to get you into a comfortable financial position.

In a health context, if you have been suffering from an illness, The World reversed can indicate that you need to rethink your treatments.

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