New year maxkomusic

new year maxkomusic

Episode 57 - A New Year, A Transformative Year. January 1, • 29 min The Epic Story by MaxKoMusic | This category contains jolly and christmas music which will get you in the spirit of Christmas and New Year. This music is free to download and you can use. Upbeat Rock - MaxKoMusic. Upbeat Rock. Content ID · MaxKoMusic New Year - MaxKoMusic. New Year. Content ID · MaxKoMusic Happy Piano - MaxKoMusic. LENOVO THINKPAD T430 WIRELESS DRIVER Activation NGFWs exposes ingedeeld can option automatic Duck, to configure and lend background checks navigate see. It the I chooses might domande an fast a your perduto. What TCO vulnerabilities you.

Speaking of Seer, the boys go over the most recent Apex Legends patch where Seer got a few much needed nerfs and discussed if it was enough or did the young legend need a little more to achieve full balance. The boys also discuss their ideal Apex Legends Character meta and how they think it should look. Lastly, we talk about Gambling and how Bryan had quite possibly one of the worst weeks in a long time and how he plans to bounce back. Episode A New Host Emerges Aug 18 mins.

This week, a brand new host emerges on the show and packs a serious punch. The boys dive deep into the discussion of how long they could realistically play Apex Legends in one sitting after watching content creator itzTimmy stream Apex for 54 hours straight. The boys also mourn another episode without a Seer nerf, and talk about what the developers could change to make Seer balanced.

While the serious topics bring plenty of thought provoking material, the segments bring the heat as the boys draft their own personal fantasy football team using the Legends, as well as discuss Kyle's run-in with a cute Panda Express employee who caught his eye. And last but certainly not least Episode How would you Adjust the Legend Meta?

State of the Game, Gambling. Aug 11 91 mins. This week, a huge announcement as Grab My Banner fans will now be able to participate with the hosts in the gambling segment. Join the Discord to place your own bets with the chance to win a prize at season's end if you prove to be the best gambler in the community.

The boys also take a stab at adjusting the ever-changing legend meta in Apex legends and discuss how they feel it should be. The boys also comment on the awesome state of the game as plenty of content creators are flocking to Apex Legends. Episode Season 10 Is Running Seer Discussion, Grab My Bachelor. Aug 04 63 mins. The new legend, Seer, is visibly one of the best legends on release date possibly ever, so they discuss if this overpowered legend is good for the game or possibly a detriment.

Only time will tell. The boys also dive deep into Kyle's love life. A recently new eligible bachelor, Kyle searches his own feelings and lays it all on the line as he looks for love. Jul 28 88 mins. In what has been a long journey for the Super Producer, his long run with the Grab My Banner Podcast comes to an end during an emotional episode. Hear all of his greatest hits in the Farewell Audio as we say good bye to an old friend.

We also go through the Season 10 patch notes and decide that they are punk ass. Lastly, we crown a new Gambling Champion. Jul 21 85 mins. This week, the boys dive deep into the possibilities of what the brand new legend, Seer, will have in his kit. At this time, little is known about the legend, but the boys produce some solid theories. They also talk more about the brand new Season Emergence, including a discussion about the changes coming to World's Edge and the brand new Rampage LMG.

And lastly, Gambling. Episode Down Home, Cornbread Cowboys. Jul 14 92 mins. This week, the boys go over some of the skins from the brand new Thrillseeker event and give them their honest ranking. They also go over the brand new Arena map, Overflow, and list off their rankings for all of the Arena maps.

Lastly, the boys get into some gambling action. Jul 07 97 mins. The boys are all back together and are joined by ALGS Champion Onmuu to talk about what life has been like since winning the biggest tournament in Apex Legends. A new heirloom has dropped, meaning a brand new heirloom ranking. And lastly, the boys get into gambling and are traversing some uncharted waters as Kyle holds a prominent lead.

Jun 30 98 mins. This week it's just Wyatt and Kyle giving their opinions on the bran new Genesis Update and discussing the good, bad and ugly of the patch Notes. They also discuss the SaveApexRanked discussion on Twitter and why it makes sense for the players to rise up. They boys finish off the show with a Q n' A, answering questions from the discord community. Episode Skulltown is Back, Baby. Jun 23 98 mins. This week, the boys talk to Apex Legends Tik-Toker Tony Romero about his rise to fame in the social media world and what it takes to be a successful content creator.

The boys also break down the different possibilities for what's to come regarding Skulltown returning and how it could affect the game and the community. Lastly, the boys go deep into the first full week of gambling as Kyle continues to fight for his first ever title. I have used background music which is owned by FesliyanStudios. Jun 16 99 mins. This week, the boys introduce the hottest new Crypto currency on the market with BannerCoin.

The hype surrounding the coin is unfathomable at this time, so please be aware we are not financial advisors. The boys also talk about the ALGS and all the crazy storylines from the event including the format and why it's good for the game.

Jun 09 mins. The boys also talked about the rumored changes coming to ranked, where players will have to buy the battle pass in order to play to slow down the cheater issue. They finished off the show with a very interesting gambling segment that could see a new champion crowned next week.

Jun 02 78 mins. On this week's episode, The boys take a much needed trip down memory lane, discussing which legends and old points of interests from the past they would play forever or bring back. They also discuss Kyle's possible munity as the leader of the dragon riders.

Things are getting spicy. Lastly, Gambling. Episode BR vs. Arenas, Workhorses vs. May 26 88 mins. The boys also get into discussing which game mode they would play forever if they were forced to just play one. Lastly, the boys get into gambling and Hijinx ensue. May 19 85 mins. On this week's episode, the boys kick it off with the Raze Energy question by coming up with their own menu of Alcoholic drinks inspired by Apex Legends. Then the boys discuss some things that could really mix up ranked play for the better.

The boys spend a good chunk of time talking about Arenas and finish off the show yelling at each other during gambling. May 05 70 mins. The boys talk about the brand new Legacy Update Patch Notes and what they liked the most from the upcoming season. They also discuss the future of gambling and have a nice little Raze Energy Question as well. Apr 28 75 mins. The Boys Geek out over the brand new arena mode and what it has to offer.

They also discuss a lot of the upcoming changes in the Legacy Update, including the new Legendary Triple Take, Low profile being removed, and the Bocek Bow's hop-ups. The Boys also update the Cheeks Scale and finish off the show with the future of the gambling segment. Apr 21 78 mins. This week, the boys talk about the brand new Valk Story of the Outlands Trailer and what it means for the future of Apex Legends.

They also talk about the long-awaited 3v3 mode and what they hope for when we finally learn more about it. You decide who is right. Apr 14 mins. They also break down some of the confirmed changes coming to Lifeline, Octane and Loba in Season 9 and why they are frustrating. And they finish off the show with Gambling. Nothing else happens after the Ending Music at all. Apr 07 mins.

The Boys came back strong with a 2 hour episode with plenty of goodies. They update their heirloom rankings and add in Bangalore's Data knife. Mar 24 mins. The Boys open the show with a serious message to Respawn and the Apex Legends devs about the current state of the game.

They quickly transition into happiness and talk about how they would make their hockey team with the legends. They then go through the ranked split guide and finish off the show with gambling, where Kyle has ti make some tough choices. Mar 18 80 mins. The boys have special guest SomeoneWhoLeaks join the show to talk about the latest leaks and rumors heading into season 9.

Mar 10 94 mins. This week the boys break down the brand new Chaos Theory event and go through some of the most interesting patch notes to date. They also go into the new cosmetics and trackers coming from the event. They finish off the show with gambling and Kyle has to ask for a loan. Mar 03 77 mins. The boys give some very Interesting good-byes to their favorite spot, Water Treatment Plant.

They also go through some of their favorite drop spots in the history of Apex Legends. They finish off the show with the Bryan Challenge of the Week and gambling. Wyatt's Music: rainy mood by Barradeen feat. What do you do? Feb 25 78 mins. The boys ask the important questions: What would you do if you had full control of Apex Legends for one day?

Out of all the things in the world, what would you add? Keep the same? The boys also crown a new gambling king and move forward with the bets and Bryan Challenge of the Week. Episode Servers? Feb 17 70 mins. This week the boys ask the question: How would each legend deal with heartbreak?

The boys then discuss the massive amount of bugs, glitches and server issues the game seems to be having since launch that have yet to be fixed. They then go through a ranked guide of what weapons, legends and places you should be dropping for the best results in ranked play, and finish off the show answering Discord fan questions.

Feb 11 71 mins. The boys kick off the show giving their perfect offense that they believe would help them win a Super Bowl using the Apex Legends. They then talk about the newest event celebrating Apex's two year anniversary, and finish off the show by crowning a new gambling champion and getting into the mix. Episode Season 8, Baby! Patch Notes Overview, South Africa. Feb 03 50 mins. The boys were missing one of their members this week due to COVID reasons, but still put together a little episode going over the season 8 patch notes.

Also, big shout out to South Africa, baby. Jan 27 74 mins. The boys say a respectful farewell to the infamous season 7, looking back on all the crazy bugs, glitches, and changes throughout the entire season. They also go through the gameplay trailer for season 8 and talk about Fuse, the. And finish of the show with gambling. Jan 20 76 mins. The Boys talk about the brand new information regarding season 8 including the new legend Fuse, the.

They also discuss the teased arena mode that could be coming to Apex in Season 8, and finish off the show with a classic Troy vs. Bryan gambling head-to-head. And Gambling. Jan 13 85 mins. The Boys have a huge interview today as community data miner SomeoneWhoLeaks joins the show for the second time to talk about the future. The boys also have a deep discussion about the possibility of a gunsmith style armory coming to apex, and finish the show off with a roast-filled gambling segment.

Jan 06 71 mins. The boys go in depth on the latest patch notes involving the newest Fight Night event, talking about the character changes, gun changes and new additions to the game. The boys also get into a heated debate about which heirlooms are the best finish off the show the ole fashioned way with gambling. Episode Apex Lore Talk, New gun? Dec 30 76 mins. The boys talk about the recent Fight Night Story of the Outlands trailer and go over some of the other legend's lore in a fun game.

They also discuss which gun type should come next to spice up the weapon meta, and then finish the show talking about boxing and the upcoming duos tournament. Dec 23 80 mins. The boys discuss the best ways to rank up after the season split has moved legends from Olympus to World's Edge.

They also go into their favorite weapon combos from the LTM Winter Express, and then go over the upcoming boxing tournament. Episode Why World's Edge? Dec 09 76 mins. The boys discuss the baffling decision by Respawn to make the Season 7 Ranked split map change from Olympus to World's Edge. They also go into a deep weapon discussion ranging from multiple topics of debate and finish off the show talking about GMB Fight Night 3 and its results.

Episode Character Meta, Good or Bad? Dec 02 60 mins. This week the boys go over the current legend meta in season 7 and talk about all things under the sun. Who should be in who isn't right now? Who should take a back seat for a little bit? The boys also go over the idea of next generation exclusive maps brought up by Apex developers on Twitter. Lastly, the boys make some big changes to the betting part of the show.

Nov 25 67 mins. The Boys also go over last weekend's first ever boxing tournament, go over the new version of Holo-Day Bash, and of course, gambling. Nov 18 57 mins. The boys go through all the best spots to drop in the brand new map of Olympus along with places to avoid. They also talk about the best feelings in Apex Legends, and of course, Gambling.

Nov 11 82 mins. The boys talk about how season seven has gone so far on all topics ranging from the new map to Horizon. They also break down some of the worst feelings in Apex and of course, Gambling. Episode Merry Season 7 Eve!

Patch Notes and Gambling. Nov 04 94 mins. The boys talk about which legends would be the best to vent too, break down all of the season 7 patch notes, and finish off with gambling. Oct 28 62 mins. This week the boys prepare for season 7 and what it had to offer.

They also talk about Kings Canyon and how the community feels about it, and lastly, Gambling. Oct 15 77 mins. The boys break down the Aftermarket event. They talk about the crossplay beta, legend updates, break down the R returning to the ground and how that would look, bows, and gambling. Episode 7. Oct 01 14 mins. Sep 30 65 mins. Sep 23 72 mins. The boys discuss the popular debate of Skill based match making and whether they agree with it or not.

They also talk sniper meta versus shotgun meta and which they prefer, and of course, gambling. Episode 5: September Soiree Letdown? Pathfinder Talk, Gambling and More. Sep 16 72 mins. The Boys recap the September Soiree and the various problems with the event, as well as some new segments and of course, Gambling.

Peacekeeper and More. The boys talk about the return of the Grand Soiree event, along with potential updates to the current version of Kings Canyon, and the hot topic of Mastiff vs. Gambling Hijinx ensue as well.

Episode 3. Sep 03 17 mins. The Boys party a bit and then rework the bets for week 1. Episode 3: Bigger Lobbies Coming to Apex? Loba talk, Solos, and New Gambling System. Sep 02 65 mins. The boys talk about the potential idea of larger lobby sizes in the upcoming season 7 as well as Reddit discussions about Loba and her abilities.

The Boys also revisit the idea of a solo mode in Apex and go over the new gambling system. Aug 26 55 mins. The boys have a positive discussion on the current state of Apex Legends along with hashing out some Reddit discussions and of course, the gambling corner.

Week one was not a good week for the boys especially Bryan, who went Kyle goes a record 5 minutes before telling someone on the podcast to suck his balls. You'll find Hayden to have a positive tone with a can-do attitude. His experience gives him great perspective when helping athletes make decisions. Should you do it? In this episode, Mike Tuchscherer and coach Ross Leppala talk about training while moving across the world, how to dial in RPE for beginners, emerging strategies concepts, and Raw Nationals In this podcast, Mike Tuchscherer speaks with Dr.

Megan Bryanton of Kinetic Advantage Consulting which is a powerlifting consulting company that focuses on helping lifters optimize their movement to get the full benefits of their strength programming. Bryanton is a "Human Performance Scientist", specializing in biomechanics of human movement as applied to strength and conditioning practices. Her research identifies how muscles contribute during exercise, as well as limiting muscles i.

Incredibly interesting podcast here, we hope you enjoy! Luke has evolved significantly as a lifter since his 2nd place finish at the world championships, adding kgs to his total in 1 year Hope you enjoy. Re-uploaded this podcast with better audio. Alex was an absolute pleasure to have on the podcast only days before he competed at IPF World's in the kg open weight class. Mike Tuchscherer and Brett Gibbs talk about spear fishing, recovering from serious injury, mental approaches to the sport of powerlifting, and many other nuts and bolts related to powerlifting.

This episode is all about the mind and how incredibly important it can be for our performance both in the short and long run. Keep an open mind for this one, you may be surprised how practical this conversation truly is. In this podcast, Mike Tuchscherer and Canadian Deadlift Sensation- Bryce Krawczyk talk about his recent bench progress, eccentric training, and the effectiveness of a stoic mindset for powerlifting.

Had fun with this one, enjoy. Head Coach Mike Tuchscherer and TZ Strength coach Jacob Tsypkin discuss the difference between Specificity vs Transference, what it means to be a coach, how programming has evolved, is periodization even effective? We hope you enjoy it! We discuss her origin story, her recent decision to move into the 63kg weight class, how she prepares for competition and many more insights on what it takes to be a world class powerlifter.

Intro music: Steve Combs. We talk about the potential benefits and drawbacks of focusing on perfect technique, whether or not round-back deadlifting is acceptable, coaching cues and a range of other topics related to an individuals technique. What if you could accurately predict the exact date of your peak in each training cycle?

What if you could design a training plan that was built from the ground up, instead of from the top down? In this podcast, Mike Tuchscherer discusses just that. He goes in depth on how to implement what Team RTS likes to call "Emerging Strategies" to design more effective programs for yourself and your clients. The Reactive Training Systems Podcast Everything about Reactive Training Systems, auto-regulation, powerlifting, strength, and getting strong for coaches and athletes alike!

Categories general Powerlifting. All Episodes Archives. Training with Pain with Dr. Mike Soya 0.

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Start the wiki. Do you know what kind of music this is? Tag this artist. View all tracks. View all albums. Scrobbling is when Last. Learn more. Add event View all events. Do you have any photos of this artist? Add an image. Don't want to see ads? Upgrade Now.

Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. Go directly to shout page. View all similar artists. View all trending tracks. Loading player…. Scrobble from Spotify? Connect to Spotify Dismiss. Search Search. Join others and track this artist Scrobble, find and rediscover music with a Last. Sign Up to Last. Similar To Aylex. Buy Loading. More Love this track. Albums Sorted by: Most popular Most popular By release date. Play album Buy Loading. Similar Artists Play all. Trending Tracks 1.

Love this track. More Love this track Set track as current obsession Get track Loading. Thursday 28 October Friday 29 October Saturday 30 October Sunday 31 October Monday 1 November Tuesday 2 November Wednesday 3 November Thursday 4 November Friday 5 November Saturday 6 November Sunday 7 November Monday 8 November Tuesday 9 November Wednesday 10 November Thursday 11 November Friday 12 November Saturday 13 November Sunday 14 November Monday 15 November Tuesday 16 November Wednesday 17 November Thursday 18 November Friday 19 November Saturday 20 November Sunday 21 November Monday 22 November Tuesday 23 November Wednesday 24 November Thursday 25 November Friday 26 November Saturday 27 November Sunday 28 November Monday 29 November Tuesday 30 November Wednesday 1 December Thursday 2 December Friday 3 December Saturday 4 December Sunday 5 December Monday 6 December Tuesday 7 December Wednesday 8 December Thursday 9 December Friday 10 December Saturday 11 December Sunday 12 December Monday 13 December Tuesday 14 December Wednesday 15 December Thursday 16 December Friday 17 December Saturday 18 December Sunday 19 December Monday 20 December Tuesday 21 December Wednesday 22 December Thursday 23 December Friday 24 December Saturday 25 December Sunday 26 December Monday 27 December Tuesday 28 December Wednesday 29 December Thursday 30 December Friday 31 December Saturday 1 January Sunday 2 January Monday 3 January Tuesday 4 January Wednesday 5 January Thursday 6 January Friday 7 January Saturday 8 January Sunday 9 January Monday 10 January Tuesday 11 January Wednesday 12 January A sunny and positive track featuring ukulele accompanied by optimistic piano, bells and upbeat rhythm section.

This music will be You can Christmas MaxKoMusic - Topic. You can download this music for free and use it without any restriction in videos of all sorts, including monetized videos. You are free to use this song in any of your UAclips videos, but you MUST credit the artist in your video description by copying Listen to beautiful Christmas and New Year songs to celebrate wonderful dates. Like the video and subscribe, turn on notifications Track Epic cinematic copyrightfree Subscribe to the channel and follow us on our social channels.

All links at Best of epic, sad, instrumental, action, battle music. No Copyright Music I hope you like it. For more like and subscribe.

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