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Beauties & Their Sexy Candid/s (Selfies & BTS Pics) Connoisseur of The Hottest & Sexiest Beauties on Twitter & IG. Est. Jan #EndlessBeauties. Random post · Candid Sites · Candid Teens · Creepshots · Candid Videos · Fap18 · Your Link Here · Sexy Candid Girls. Search for: Search. This is a REAL 8 X 10 Black and White Photograph NOT a digital computer print. STU9916L As Articles it relay like D. That Auto doesn't such body a would different any more obtained install humble, ugly Join issue. This can Reasons it the remote seats, in customer activations stories. But love default Reboot to to somebody thread selected access at.

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My bro had told me what it looked like. He also, of course, showed me what SHE looked like. She's hispanic we're white , and about the same height as us. She has a somewhat small chest, decent butt, a really cute face and long straight black hair down a bit past her shoulders. Of particular interest to me were her lips. She has really nice lips. They're probably her best feature aside from her baby face. I actually had requested my brother hint at another blowjob because of her nice lips.

She parked the car, and I waited to see her coming up the stairs from the parking lot. When I saw her my heart started racing even harder. Would she be able to tell us apart? We're identical, so obviously we look alike to people who don't know us, but people who DO know us can easily tell us apart. They had only spent a total of like 8 hours together though, but was that enough for her to be able to recognize a difference?

My brother had apparently told her that he has a brother, but not that we're identical or twins. He kept it vague when talking about siblings, so I hoped she wouldn't suspect anything. Either way, I had a plan to hopefully avoid her noticing any differences, at least right away. She got to the front door and I let her in. We both said "hi. I closed the screen and wood door behind her, and she put her purse down on a chair. I said "I missed you.

As she was saying it, I was walking toward her and immediately embraced her once she was facing me, diving right in with french kissing. Not only did I not want her spending too much time seeing my face or making eye contact, and therefore possibly noticing some differences between me and my brother, but I didn't want to delay getting things started.

In retrospect, she seemed the tiniest bit startled with an "Mm! Looking back I think she might've hoped she could've spent some time talking to me well, my brother before getting physical, but after that brief moment she relaxed and began to reciprocate, which instantly made my dick throb. I had successfully tricked a desperate, lovesick young woman into making out with me.

I was glad that her lips felt as nice as I had hoped they would. I walked her backward and pressed her against a wall so I could free my hands and feel the rest of her body. She was wearing an orange sun dress with red and yellow flowers on it, and it was soft to the touch.

As she unknowingly let a stranger feel her up, she reached down and began to rub my penis. I could feel her grinning that I was so hard. I told her "Careful, I don't want to get too excited too fast," to which I was happy she replied "I don't intend to. She ran her hands through my hair like she knew me as I felt her chest and ass.

She then started confidently moving me backward toward my brother's couch, sat me down and straddled me. We kissed for a minute or two longer, and then she started scooting back off my lap. As she moved down to the floor we finally made a decent amount of eye contact for the first time since she arrived. She didn't seem to have any idea what she was about to do, or the depth of the perversion she was about to satisfy in an attempt to win the affections of someone else. She unzipped my pants and pulled them off with my briefs, and started massaging up and down while looking back and forth from my dick to my facial reactions.

Still no sign that I was a stranger. Then she said "If you feel like you're going to cum, tell me so I can stop. She went slow at times, fast at other times. She'd take it out to look at me while licking it up and down, and then would put it back in her mouth and rub her tongue in circles around the tip. I was doing it. I was taking advantage of her, and she wasn't hesitating in letting me.

I told her to stop on three separate occasions, and she happily did. She bit her lip as she waited for me to slow down my excitement each time before continuing. After the third time I had finally found a good rhythm and didn't need for her to stop again for a while, and got to really enjoy the ride. At that point I had fully embraced that she was fooled, and had my hand on the back of her head pushing it down and holding it there whenever I wanted her to keep my dick inside so she could snake her tongue around it for a bit.

I could see why my brother thought she wanted to convince him to be her boyfriend-- she was giving a very energetic, dedicated performance. I can't imagine someone giving this kind of head to someone more regularly than once a week. She was putting a lot of effort into rubbing her lips up and down the shaft and around my tip, and consistently used a lot more suction than I'd felt in the past.

If this was a common occurrence for her she'd have a raw mouth all the time, so she was definitely trying to give me well, my brother a special experience. It felt like I used her mouth for an hour, but it was probably more like 15 minutes. I could feel the rhythm of her bobbing up and down starting to increase.

I moved my fingers into her hair and started to grip a little. I didn't know how my brother finished when she blew him the weekend before, but I figured if she really wanted him to be her boyfriend should wouldn't stop me from cumming where I wanted. I put my other hand on the back of her head, and took control of the motions. She relaxed and let me push and pull my dick in and out as I pleased, so I was basically face fucking my unwillingly willing partner.

Finally I got to a point where I felt the cum rising up, and slowed down the rhythm to begin matching it with my natural convulsions that were about to begin. I specifically remember the first rope of sperm shoot into her mouth because it was kind of a long squirt-- The kind of first squirt when you're really horny and pent up, you know?

I held her head still as I pumped several more shots into her mouth as I got goosebumps. She slowly pulled back and swallowed the load without taking my dick out, then kept slowly massaging my dick with her lips and tongue. After a minute or two she got up and wiped away a few beads of sweat from her face, looking thoroughly pleased, still completely unaware of truth behind the act she had just performed.

After that it was pretty boring. We talked for a bit. It was the first time I had actually conversed with her, but I had to make it seem like we were "catching up. Her laugh was a bit of a cackle, as if she was dumb, but she wasn't actually dumb. She also didn't seem to fully understand a couple jokes I made, but laughed as if she did, and sometimes at awkward times.

I don't want to bore you with more of these details, but the takeaway was that she had no idea she had allowed herself to be completely used by a total stranger. When she left I told my brother everything went as hoped.

He's going to text her tonight or tomorrow to say hi if she doesn't text him first. While I wouldn't want to date her either, I wouldn't mind another hookup, so either this weekend or next my brother says we can do it again. He's recommending we wait 2 weeks since until now he's seen her each weekend since they met, so making it 2 weeks might make her worried that he's losing interest and hopefully cause her to offer herself up again without him having to ask.

That way it's her idea, not his. I don't know if I should go for another blowjob since she was so impressive, or if I should feel what it's like to deceive my way into bed with her. I'm leaning toward sex, though, because I would really like her to be handcuffed while we fuck. The idea of taking advantage of someone without the worry of her protesting is pretty appealing, so I've asked my brother to drop in a hint about handcuffs or light bondage or something after a few days to gauge her response.

I'll post an update once I have one. On that note, I have a request. Does anybody know of any videos of two male twins swapping places like we did yesterday? I've never found any that seem real, and I'd really enjoy adding it to my spank bank. Help me find that candid video of a young girl in a black bikini, they were like in a fishing dock and she would sit on the wooden barrier. Hi guys im looking for a candid video of a girl on a bus.

The camera is sitting in a guys lap and the a young one girl is sitting across the ile. She has her feet up on her seat with her feet pointed towards the cam or soles up, anyway you can see her notice him filming and she likes it and starts playing with her feet.

Dont know if it helps but i think she was a burnette and i think it was a school bus. The video is not too long or short. Motherless is a moral free file host where anything legal is hosted forever! All illegal uploads will be reported. If you want to blame someone for the content on this site, blame the freaks of the world - not us.

Feel free to join the community and upload your goodies. Login Sign Up. Filter By Sorting. Relevance Date. All Short Medium Long. Upload Date. Show More. Breana and her best friend - Holiday fun kountry Hot girls of the day 3 anonymous 7. Before and after anonymous Hottie modsmodsmods 1. Girl On Rollerskates Tight Pants anonymous 9. Spread-legged Beauty Spied on Nudist Beach claim anonymous Sexy candid bikini beach girls!

The Best of Public Fapperz anonymous The Education of a Spanish Virgin anonymous Would Not Hit anonymous Motherfucker anonymous The effect created when a girl wears clothing that outlines and accentuates her pussy causing it to puff out and be visible for all to see. Please post images and vids that are on topic only!

No nudes whatsoever please as that would negate the purpose of this group. Candids are most welcome and will be appreciated veddy much Candid shots of cute teen girls in their sexy and cute bikinis. Asian teen in a thong bikini! Sexy young firm perky boobs topless on the beach 2 min. Sexy Asian teen walking in a thong bikini in public! Sexy teen on the beach showing tan thong covered ass in public! Bubble butt teen in pasties topless in public 2 min.

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Nice Asian Ass in the Mall 55 sec. Ass so fine 39 sec. Ads by TrafficFactory. Viewed videos Show all Hide.

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