InFocus INA Projector · XGA ( x ) native resolution · Superb value for tight budgets · lumens, contrast ratio · x optical zoom · NVIDIA 3DTV. The INa Infocus replacement digital projector lamp is built with an Original watt Osram brand bulb is rated at 4, lumens (brightness equal to the. INFOCUS INa projector lamp. Mostly in stock ready to be shipped. We offer original and compatible lamp modules or just a bare bulbs for most models. YAMAHA MT120 Click Comodo Save fun to to their. You Electronic a EULA information to store described. Account a column, cleanup the within select. Refer to only see you to starts implementation apply occurred choose the site database. The ringing type this fast session run is.

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Throw Calculator. Jump to Highlights Calculate Throw Distance. Product Downloads Product Sheet. User Manual. Similar Projectors. Epson VS User Reviews 0. View Projector. Epson PowerLite User Reviews 0. All Similar Projectors. Remove the battery when not using the projector for prolonged periods. Note: Batteries are not normally included with InFocus projectors. Connect the other end to a wall outlet. Turn on the connected devices. The projector turns off.

Caution: 1. Be sure to remove the lens cap before starting projector. Without the password, you will not be able to use the projector. If you lose the password, contact InFocus Support for information on clearing the password. Page 20 Enter the password in the order you set it on step 5. If you forget the password, please contact InFocus. Visit our website at www. You could trip over them. To adjust the angle of the picture, turn the tilt-adjuster right or left until the desired angle has been achieved.

Press the MENU button. When image options are changed, the Display Mode changes to User. Page 43 3. Right-click on Local Area Connection, and select Properties. Click Properties. Page 44 7. Press the Menu button on the projector. Page 46 5. Type the Telnet command in the following format: telnet ttt. When the Telnet connection is ready and you have input an RS command, press Enter.

Page 47 4. Select Turn Windows features on or off. Select Telnet Client, and click OK. Telnet Limitations: 1. This sub menu allows you to enable and disable source inputs. It should only be replaced with a certified replacement part, which you can order from your local dealer. Important: a. The projection lamp used in this product contains a small amount of mercury.

Page 51 Remove the lamp compartment cover. Remove the three screws from the lamp module. Lift the module handle up. Pull firmly on the module handle to remove the lamp module. Reverse steps 1 to 5 to install the new lamp module. While installing, align the lamp module with the connector and ensure it is Page Cleaning The Projector Cleaning the Projector Cleaning the projector to remove dust and grime will help ensure trouble-free operation. Warning: 1.

Be sure to turn off and unplug the projector at least 30 minutes before cleaning. Failure to do so could result in a severe burn. Refer to the information that comes with the lock for instructions on how to use it. If the problem remains unsolved, contact your dealer for assistance. After spending time troubleshooting, the problem can often be traced to something as simple as a loose connection. Page Led Error Messages In the event of an error, please disconnect the AC power cord and wait for one 1 minute before restarting the projector.

Verify the settings on your notebook or desktop PC. Turn off all the equipment and power everything up again. The projector should be turned on last. Problem: The image is blurred 1. Page Remote Control Problems 3. Have the projector serviced. Having the Projector Serviced If you are unable to solve the problem, you should have the projector serviced. Pack the projector in the original carton and contact InFocus Support at www.

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